Party Rentals Business Plan

Party rental is a good business venture to consider. It involves leasing furniture and equipment for parties.
The lease duration is usually with 48 hours of event or extended periods based on contractual agreement. The major attraction to this business is little recurrent expenditure and one time investment.
Apart from scheduled maintenance of equipment, transportation and labor, the business is easy to operate. To start a rental business you need adequate storage for equipment.
Other requirements are moderate startup capital, labor, means of transportation and logistics.
Party Rental Business Plan
The first step is to write a party rental business plan. The plan should cover funding, inventory, mode of transportation and labor.
Carry out a feasibility study to find an ideal location close to your customer base. You might decide to service residential areas or commercial areas. Majority of your customers are private individuals or corporate bodies.
Why Start a Party Rental Business
A party rental business provides an essential service with little overheads. The service is offered to private individuals or corporate bodies celebrating special occasions.
You find such services at anniversaries, engagements, weddings and birthday. Others are milestones, naming ceremonies, town planning meetings and association gatherings.
 Another advantage is moderate investment and regular patronage.
  • Small overhead cost
  • Moderate startup
  • Essential service
  • Regular patronage
  • Low skilled labor
  • Low maintenance
Business Registration
The enterprise works best as a sole proprietorship business. You need an employer identification number and trade license.
Party Rental Equipment
There are basic equipment's you need as a party planner. You need canopy covers, chairs, tables, table cloths and lighting.
Other equipment's are coolers, truck/bus and basic tools. The chairs/ tables are usually plastic while the canopy covers should be made from rain proof material. Make sure the canopy is easy to assemble and transport to venue.
  • Canopy cover
  • Plastic Chairs
  • Plastic Tables
  • Lighting
  • Coolers
  • Vehicle
  • Office equipment
The Vehicle
 A vehicle is very important equipment for easy inventory handling. You could purchase a used truck, box truck or heavy duty vehicle. A large bus is also an effective way to transport the items.
  • Truck
  • Box truck
  • Bus
  • Heavy duty vehicle
Hire Staff
This business only requires casual staff to load and off load equipment. Loading and off loading is labor intensive so you need loaders or lifting equipment.
Business Location
The feasibility study should identify ideal locations for your business. The location you choose should have large storage area for party equipment.
This is because the chairs, tables and canopy are bulky. The location should be easily accessible for loading and to gain regular patronage.
Neighborhood party rental owners need to promote the business. The amount of money invested in marketing should be minimized.
You only need to reach out to people in your locality through simple advertisement. Use sign boards, billboards and flyers to attract patronage. Other ways to attract customers are through word of mouth and referrals.
  • Sign boards
  • Billboards
  • Flyers
  • Word of mouth
  • Referrals
  • Free classified
  • Website/blog
Build a Website
You could increase visibility by building a website or blog. The website should target your immediate environment.
Since your services are localized use neighborhood publication, forums and free classified advertisements. Make sure your website is attractive, easy to navigate and optimized.
Use social medial engagements and posts to reach potential clients. On the site add an about us page, contact us, telephone number, address and email.


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