Skateboard Manufacturing Business

Skateboarding is a fun, leisure activity and involves skillful manipulation of the equipment. There are two business formats associated to the board industry, manufacturing the skates and selling.
Selling requires a wholesale or retail outlet while manufacturing requires a workshop or factory. To start a skateboard manufacturing business you need startup capital, a business name and technical knowledge.
Your company is going to face stiff competition with other established brands. To leverage your business find a customer demography with little access to branded boards.
Make sure the skateboards you produce are top notch, high quality sports equipment.
Branding the Product
You need to put pencil to paper to create a cool brand identity. The identity of your product is essential to the success of the enterprise.
Sports brands offer uniqueness, durability, affordability and product recognition. Brand identity does not only entail clever marketing but quality product, memorable name, cool graphics and logo.
Carry out Extensive Research
To position your skateboards towards profitability you need to carry out extensive research. The research should be based on board design, shape, functionality and performance.
Major players in the industry have invested huge sums developing their products. As a small scale enterprise you have limited funds so get creative.
Get skateboard enthusiasts in your neighborhood to try out the new boards. Use clever marketing to reach potential customers and position the brand.
Use Clever Marketing
There are many ways to sell a new product. You could organize local events/contests that attract people to the product.
Another way is to offer customized logos on the boards or fun graphics. Hire a videographer to create a cool video showcasing the boards.
Secure sponsorship from local financial institutions and offer advertisement deals. Build a website and use social media networks to create a buzz around the product.
Study your Competition
Write a skateboard making business plan and carry out a feasibility study. You need to develop a business structure and study your competition.
 What type of boards is popular and how much do they cost? Calculate cost of raw materials, labor, utility and transportation to arrive at a competitive price.
If you come up with an original design you need to patent the product. Make sure adequate information on design, shape and functionality is available. The logo should be unique and original.
Other licenses that apply to your business include incorporation, tax and insurance. Register the business as a limited liability company and secure a trademark.
The boards may be subject o value added tax. Find out terms of manufacture, materials usage, waste disposal provisions and zoning. Approach the city hall or local authorities for guidance.
Factory Location
Ideally you need a small space to start a skateboard manufacturing business. Premium boards are crafted by hand using basic tools.
That does not mean you can’t leverage on automation or semi-automated machinery. Make sure you purchase the basic equipment to carry out the function.
You need lots of hand tools and power tools. The location you choose should have utilities such as electricity and work-space.
You could introduce a storefront while the workshop is behind. You could even work from a shed at home based on your business template or level of funding.
Business Ethics
Startup companies require serious dedication to succeed. The sports industry is not an exception and even more challenging.
You need good work ethics, technical knowledge, branding, marketing and design skills. Secure startup capital through sponsorship arrangements, bank loans , partnership or a core investor.
Running a business requires tons of work. You need to find distributors for you product, do taxes and carry out shipments. Work on inventory, stocking, sales, invoicing and other administrative work.


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