Start a Battery Reconditioning Business

Every vehicle needs a battery to power electrical gadgets and start the engine. The lifespan of a new battery is about two years before it needs regular charging.
Battery chargers earn moderate income providing this service. The business template is very simple and straight forward.
All that is required is a charging station, technical knowledge on batteries and equipment. The equipment is easy to acquire and either locally fabricated or imported.
In many countries battery chargers operate a proprietorship one man business. They might choose to train an apprentice or run the business alone.
Startup capital is low and the major investment is charging equipment and leasehold. Here are a few ideas on how to start a battery charging business.
Learn the Skill
You need to develop the technical skill on how to rejuvenate a spent battery. Technical knowledge involves different types of battery and chemical composition.
You should know if the battery is acid based or dry cell including effective ways to charge or preserve the life. Develop the skills through books, tutorials, seminars or e-books.
Hire a professional in the field and acquire practical knowledge. Another way is to understudy an experienced battery charger.
Battery Recycling Business Ideas
Secure Funding
The price of a charging unit depends on the brand and functionality. Other things that require funds are payment of utility bills such as electricity, rent and chemicals.
Secure funds through target savings or borrow from family and friends. You can join a cooperative and access startup funds.
  • Target savings
  • Borrow from family and friends
  • Join a cooperative
  • Microfinance bank loan
Rent a Shop
The shop you rent should be secure from burglary, fire and accidents. Battery chargers establish the business within residential areas. Other good locations are mechanic workshops, and close to auto dealerships.
Purchase Equipment
Purchase a good charging machine and acid/base chemicals. Other equipment are electrical wires, jump cables, bulbs and hand tools.
You need safety goggle, hand gloves and volt-ammeter. Your workshop should have three face meter and other electrical fitting.
You might need a trolley or used vehicle to transport batteries. Technicians do lots of out-calls so they need a mode of transportation.
  • Battery charging machine
  • Acid /base chemicals
  • Electrical wires
  • Jump cables
  • Bulbs
  • Hand tools
  • Safety goggle
  • Hand gloves
  • Voltmeter
  • Electrical fittings
Registration and Licenses
Waste disposal is a serious problem with battery chargers. Therefore you need to put in place a good waste management structure.
You can register the business as a sole proprietorship enterprise. Get insurance cover and tax identification number. If you plan to sell used or new batteries you need a trade license.
  • Sole proprietorship enterprise.
  • Get insurance cover
  • Tax identification number
  •  Trade license
Apart from charging batteries a technician can sell used batteries. You can add new ones to your inventory and learn basic rewiring knowledge.
How to get Exide Battery Dealership
Marketing requirements are through referrals and word of mouth. Use traditional marketing strategies such as local publications, sign board, flyers and business cards.



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