Start a Welding Business

Welding projects are constantly needed providing regular jobs for welders. The job involves serious construction work and simple fixes.
Welders work on construction sites, repair and build stuff. Common projects are security bars, doors, containers and gates.
You need to purchase tools like air compressors, metal workbench, hand tools and grinders. Different types of welding are TIG, MIG and Stick welding.
Others are laser welding, underwater welding, cast iron welding and galvanized welding techniques. Before starting the enterprise there are a few things to consider.
Write a Welding Business Plan
Write a welding business plan and focus on equipment purchase, training and funding. State your future goals, management structure and niche. Use a feasibility study and survey to find customer demography, location and study competitors.
Learn the Trade
Learn the welding skills through a technical institution or university. You could study as apprentice or at a training workshop. You need lots of academic and practical knowledge including certification before launching your enterprise.
Marketing Considerations
A good location should offer lots of marketing opportunities. Use signboards, complementary cards, banners and flyers.
Registration and Licenses
Register the enterprise as a sole proprietorship business. Welders usually work alone and some have an apprentice.
You definitely need health insurance cover and tax identification number. There are zoning formula in some countries guiding the enterprise.
You need to put in place lots of safety equipment and features. Other requirements are joining a state or national association.
Welding Basic Equipment
There are so many tools used in the welding industry. However there is some basic equipment used everyday during the construction process.
To start your enterprise you need some of theses items. The items should include protective gear such as gloves, helmets, clothing and safety products.
Safety products protects from explosions, ultraviolet rays and burns. They help prevent gas exposure and inhalation of obnoxious gases.
You have a wide selection of MIG welders, Stick welders and TIG welders in the market. Purchase only quality brand welding machines and supplies.  More equipment you need includes welding touches, auto-darkening helmet and welding gas.
Basic Welding Equipment
  • Cutting tools
  • Grinding tools
  • Safety gear
  • Accessories
  • Welder
  • Shop
  • Storage space
  • Grilling equipment
Safety Gear
Protective Clothing
The welding process produces sparks and flames therefore adequate protection is essential. The cloths should be bulky and flame resistant to avoid sparks or burns.
Appropriate attire is long sleeves leather clothing, gauntlet gloves including a leather apron. A combination of cotton shirt, leather jacket/apron and rugged jeans is adequate protection.
The Welding Shop Specifications
Welders generally work outdoors, on building sites or a workspace. The shop should be adequately ventilated with serious fire safety features.
Install a fire-extinguisher, fume extraction system and welding screen. Make sure any inflammables are kept in safe storage.
Grounding Clamps
To prevent electrocution and shocks make use of grounding clamps. Use only quality copper clamps alongside copper cable to maintain constant contact.
Welding gloves are essential equipment. They offer projection from sparks, shock while withstanding high temperatures.
Purchase only top grain leather gloves specifically made for the job. Animal hide such as goat skin, deerskin, elk skin, pig skin, cow skin are ideal gloves based on type of project.
The extreme brightness generated by the process could cause blindness. The practitioner needs adequate protection from the ultraviolet light rays.
The helmet protects the face, eyes and skin from harmful rays and burns. The specially made helmet consists of a dark visor for protection. The top recommended helmet is auto-darkening helmet.
Common Welding Equipment
Apart from safety gear there is some common welding equipment. You need to purchase welders, electrodes, clamps and angle grinders.
Angle grinders are used to clean metal prior to welding. Clamps offer alignment during the welding process while electrodes are categorized under consumable and non consumable electrodes.
The welders are major equipment that provides power during the welding process. Make sure you choose a quality product that sufficiently meets your needs.


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