Bed Sheet Business: Bed sheet Manufacturing Business

Residential neighborhoods are the highest consumers of home decorative products. Top on the list of products include different curtains, drapes, tablecloths, and bed sheets.
The flat sheet is used as bed covering and sold in bundles. They are usually sold alongside pillow cases of same design, colors and fabrics.
The quality of the linen and manufacturing process usually reflects on the price of the product. Bed sheets are always in demand because of their simplicity and practicability.
Entrepreneurs can profit from bed sheet business in many ways. You could manufacture the product, open a retail shop or sell wholesale.
You can also purchase the sheets from reputable brands or try franchising. You need to design the product, manufacture, package and sell. Startup funds are low depending on the size and scope of the business.
Types of Bed Sheet
An investor should have adequate knowledge of marketing, manufacturing and different types of bed sheets. Manufacturers of this product are very enterprising and experiment with different fabrics.
The fabrics only criterion is that it should be comfortable against the human body. Common fabrics used for sheets are cotton, flannel, Tencel® and silk.
More fabrics are polyester, synthetic and mixed fabrics. A mixed fabric consists of two different blends such as cotton/polyester. However the most popular fabric is cotton.
  • Cotton
  • Flannel
  • Tencel®
  • Silk
  • Polyester
  • Synthetic
  • Mixed fabrics
  • Cotton/polyester.
Bed Sheet Business Licensing
Register your business and choose a business name. Obtain a trade license and liability insurance.
Approach community banks for fixed interest loans and provide collateral. You need BIS certification and ISO certification.
Value added tax is a possibility depending on your country. And there are strict regulations guiding waste management in a plant.
  • Incorporate the business
  • Choose a business name
  • Obtain a trade license
  • Liability insurance
  • BIS certification
  • ISO certification
  • Value added tax
Machines used to Produce Bed Sheets
Start the manufacturing company by purchasing quality equipment. You need a double needle stitching machine and an embroidery machine.
Other equipment is manual operated stitching machine including Flat lock stitching machine.
More are carding machine, Uniflock machine and knotter. Buy accessories such as threads, scissors, needles and packaging items.
  • Double needle stitching machine
  • Embroidery machine
  • Manually operated stitching machine
  • Flat lock stitching machine
  • Carding machine
  • Uniflock machine
  • knotter.
The Manufacturing Process
The process starts with cotton procurement. The cotton bales are blended and impurities removed.
They proceed to a carding machine and later spun, warped and slashed. The cotton proceeds to weaving, cleaning, bleaching and dyeing.
The final process is cutting, sewing and packaging the finished products. Smaller manufactures simple purchase the ready made cotton fabric and sew into sheets. Good quality control is essential through out the manufacturing process.
Marketing the Product
Major customers are hospitals, hostels, residential houses and hotels. Use local news publication, demography targeting and print media.
You can also sell online from a dedicated blog/website. Place your sheet images on auction site or e-commerce sites.


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