Flex Printing: How to Start Flex Banner Business

The quality of flexi banners have made screen, hand print and offset banners ineffective. The flexi material is a poly vinyl chloride (PVC) sheet used to deliver high quality digital print.
The quality prints are produced very fast, low cost and durable. The outdoors advertising are usually beautiful, bold and neat.
Fully customized outdoors/indoors banners are in high demand and attracts a huge customer base. Customers include religious gatherings, small business owners, stores and trade shows.
There is also high demand for personalized banners. To start the business you need huge funds and a business premises. Hire qualified staff, purchase the right equipment and register the enterprise.
Product Range
Flexi Printers have a huge product range to consider. The type of printing equipment depends on the product and production process.
Different printed products are posters, PVC banner and Roller banners. Others include post cards, flyers, flags, letter heads and booklets.
More printed products are business cards, complement slips, folded leaflets. Some printers are even able to offer business starter packs and white label printing services.
  • Posters
  • PVC Banner
  • Roller Banners
  • Post cards
  • Flyers
  • Flags
  • Letter heads
  • Booklets
  • Business cards
  • Complement slips
  • Folded leaflets
  • Business starter packs
  • White label printing services.
Build a Website
Build a website and offer your services and products. Register a good domain name and get a host plan.
On your website you need a homepage, products list, deals, contact us page and phone number. Offer track-able delivery, pre-press pdf proof and white label packaging.
Feature your products with images, description and prices. You can add feedback from satisfied customers and add a contextual blog. 
Add legal information on your website such as terms & condition, privacy policy, postage, packaging, including trade customers. To attract traffic use social media engagements, search engine optimization and guest posting.
Use Google Adwords and Facebook advertisements. You can also post valuable articles in your blog section.
Your website is an effective marketing tool both online and offline. Provide high quality products, customer service and punctual delivery.
Flexi Printing Website Features
  • Homepage
  • Products list
  • Deals
  • Contact us page
  • Phone number
  • Track-able delivery
  • Pre-press pdf proofing
  • White label packaging
  • Product images, description and prices
  • Terms and condition
  • Privacy policy
  • Postage and packaging
Printing Machinery and Tools
There is a wide range of flexi machinery used in the printing industry. The type of machine depends on the product and print surface.
Common equipment's are table top computer with latest software and hardware. You might need a thermal plate making equipment or direct imaging machine.
Printing presses have a laboratory for color production and quality control. Some factories have die cutting machines, punch modules, punchers, flex printing machine. More equipment found in flex printing press is proton flex printing machine, digital solvent printer, and large format printer. Makes sure you consult a print specialist and buy only equipment appropriate for the type of printing you want to produce.
Printing Machines
  • Computer
  • Software and hardware
  • A thermal plate maker
  • Direct imaging machine
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Die cutting machines
  • Punch modules
  • Punchers
  • Flex printing machine
  • Proton flex printing machine
  • Digital solvent printer
  • Large format printer.
Flex Printing Machine
Purchase an automatic color flex printing machine. Features to consider include 400sq.ft/h print max print speed, high speed USB 2.0 print port.
An optical fiber cable data transmission system and single phase AC 220 V, 50/60 Hz working voltage. Other features are multi heating system, pre, post and bed heater.
Quality Control
You need to put in place good quality control measures. The ink should be fresh and properly formulated. Ensure quality consistency, pre press, printing and processing by having a quality control department.
Waste Management
Printing presses have to deal with lots of wasted ink and paper. Implement waste management strategy for bye products, shredded paper and water resources. Waste could be recycle, incinerate or handled by third party waste managers.
Registration and Licensing
Incorporate the business as a limited liability company. Obtain a trade license, insurance and employer tax identification number. You need to comply with zoning requirements and advert display provisions.
Write a Business Plan
Write a flexi printing business plan and focus on a niche. Buy appropriate equipment and carry out feasibility study of immediate location.
Study your competitor’s business structure, prices and products. Find you ideal customer demography and secure startup funding.
Locating the Business
The business location should be in a commercial area. Residential printing presses are also profitable however they are limited to the immediate environment.
You need adequate factory space for equipment and reception areas. Make sure the printing press is visible and in an area of high human traffic.
Try target saving or apply to a commercial or trade bank for loan. You could find a core investor or partner to start the business. Other fund generating methods are thrift society loans, sale of startup equity or borrowing from friends and family.
  • Apply for bank loan
  • Find a core investor
  • Target saving
  • Partnership
  • Thrift society loans
  • Sale of startup equity
  • Borrowing from friends and family.
Flexi products are very attractive and easy to sell. Major customers include churches, schools, entertainment organizers and event centers. Small business owner, local residents and estate agents are good customer base.
How to Start a Flexi Printing Business
  • Find a printing niche
  • Learn the trade
  • Have effective quality control measures
  • Buy appropriate equipment
  • Register the business
  • Secure funding
  • Offer quality product and service
  • Find a good location
  • Create an effective marketing strategy
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