How to Start a Home Inspection Company

Home inspectors help house owners figure out if there are construction flaws in a building. The job description also includes remodeling, appraising and construction.
The business is highly lucrative and competitive. Home owners looking to sell property would readily engage a home inspector to carry out assessment of the property. This value added service effectively increases the property value for home owners.
Home Inspectors Job Description
The home inspector’s job includes identifying construction defects. They also remodel, construct and follow building codes and guidelines.
They follow zoning laws and recommend remodeling when appropriate. Some things inspectors look out for are roof, leaks, faulty wiring and walls. A home inspector’s function does not include property appraisal and valuing
  • Identifying construction defects
  • Remodel
  • Construct
  • Follow building codes and guidelines
  • Follow zoning laws
  • Recommend remodeling when appropriate.
  • Property condition assessment
  • Building diagnostics
Why Start a Home Inspection Business
A house will depreciate with age and would need repairs. The home inspector tends to gain inspection fees and additional business if remodeling is recommended. Other factors are state/government laws, consumer awareness and pre-purchase home inspection.
house interior
Why Home Inspection Business Thrives
  • Building age with time
  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Inspection increases property value
  • Property condition disclosure laws
  • Renovation, remodeling and construction
Types of Inspection
Common types of inspection are home sellers inspection, four point inspection and foreclosure inspection. Others include home buyers inspection, pre-delivery, disaster, plumbing and structural inspection. More are eleventh month inspection HVAC inspection, section 8 inspection, tree health, pool/spa inspection and thermal
Types of Home Inspection
  • Home sellers inspection
  • Four point inspection
  • Foreclosure inspection
  • Home  buyers inspection
  • pre-delivery
  • disaster
  • plumbing
  • structural inspection
  • eleventh month inspection
  • HVAC inspection
  • Section 8 inspection
  • Tree health
  • Pool/spa inspection
  • Thermal.
Permits and Licensing
To become a home inspector you need to acquire knowledge and get certified. Knowledge includes roofing, plumbing, woodwork and electrical.
Other skill includes writing a comprehensive report, building interior/exterior and state laws. You are required to be a certified home inspector.
Join a national association or society of home inspectors. Gain knowledge through a mentor or apprentice program.
Get a degree in civil engineering and home construction degree. Register the enterprise as a limited liability company and get liability insurance.
The limited liability status and liability insurance would protect you against litigation. You also need a tax identification number to pay your taxes.
Home Inspection Startup Costs
The startup costs depend on the office lease, furniture, staff and marketing. An average estimate would be $4000-$7000.
You could start a home inspection business from home and reducing your startup to $500. However you need an office space in your home with appropriate equipment and furniture. You need a computer, modem, fax, printer and dedicated phone line.
Average Earnings
The home inspector charges range from $250-$500 per visit. They make averagely about $60,000 annually in the United States.
Home Inspection Office Equipment
There are a few equipment home inspectors need to carry out their duties. They need a digital camera, Smartphone, table measure and clipboard. Other equipment’s are home inspector tool kit, ladder, computer, printer and modem.
An effective tool in your marketing campaign is a website. Build a website for the business and include site images, testimonials and services.
Include location, terms and condition, email address and phone number. You can network with real estate developers, estate agents, mortgage lenders and mortgage banks.


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