How to Start a Sales Agent Business

Direct marketing involves selling a product or service directly to consumer. You could leverage on franchising, sell company products or your own products.
The bottom line is you need to have a product or service for sale. You could run the business from home or a dedicated office.
Other requirements are startup funding, storage facility, mode of transportation and quality product. The type and amount of product determines the amount invested. You can start a direct sales company with small capital.
How to Sell
Direct sales use the single level marketing format to reach potential customers. You sell a product or service to an individual or group.
The methodology involves using demonstrations or physical presentations. This could involve data, dramatization, persuasion and other marketing gimmicks.
Other ways to sell the products are through a dedicated website or through social media. Many marketers make good business selling from platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.
Other methods are mobile direct sales, peddling or door to door sales. Sales are achieving through lead generation, interpersonal sales and direct marketing channels.
Direct sales agent might decide to use multi-level marketing to increase sales. The technique involves network marketing on commission bases and incentives.
The multi-level marketers needs to bring in new agents while selling the product and earning commission.
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Selling the Product
  • Use the single level marketing
  • Demonstrations
  • Physical presentations
  • Use data
  • Dramatization
  • Persuasion
  • Dedicated website
  • Social media
  • Mobile direct sales
  • Peddling
  • door to door sales
  • multi-level marketing
  • And commission bases and incentives
Licensing and Permit
You need a trade or vendors license to sell the product. Other requirements are business name and liability insurance.
You need tax identification number and value added tax for some products. You need to join a direct sales association in your country. They will provide useful information and support to members.
Sell Quality Products
The only way to achieve success is selling quality products. Quality products will always attract repeat patronage than substandard products. Before selling any product use it personally and study genuine reviews or carry out a survey.
Organize an event to attract customers. Make sure you display products and share catalogues and flyers.
You could combine one-one sales, e-commerce and recruit sales representatives to sell your products. Solution based products are easier to sell and attract better returns.
Common Direct Sales Products
Almost any product can be sold directly to consumers. Common products are household appliances, beverages, soft/alcoholic drinks and garden tools. Other products are kitchen utensils, cloths, groceries, vehicle accessories and electronic products.
  • Household appliances
  • Beverages
  • soft/alcoholic drinks
  • garden tools
  • kitchen utensils
  • Cloths
  • Groceries
  • Vehicle accessories
  • Electronic products.
Contact the Manufacturers
If you want to sell a branded product contact the manufacturer. There are many companies that offer direct sales deals to prospective agents.
Use the internet, yellow pages and directories to find such company’s. Some company’s offer drop shipment deals and other incentives.
To contact manufacturers fill online forms, contact through phone or email. If the company is in your geographical location visit the company. Make sure they offer low unit costs on product.
How to Contact Manufacturers
  • Use the internet
  • Yellow pages
  • Directories
  • Phone calls
  •  Email
  • Visit the company
  • Fill online forms
Direct Sales Promotional Resources
As a direct sales agent you will be given many promotional items. This is to aid the sale of your product or service.
The promotional items are given to agents free of charge. Such promotional items include brochures, visual aids, flyers and charts. More items are sales manual, forms and a comprehensive price list.


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