How to Start a Virtual Administrative Assistant Company

A virtual assistant is an independent office provider that offers a specialized service. They provide administrative and technical support services for clients.
The job is technologically driven and could be run be a sole proprietor. The business is practicable from home or a dedicated office.
You can open a one man business or hire a pool of virtual assistants. They work remotely using technology to deliver services to clients.

How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business
  • Write a business plan
  • Learn the basics
  • Write a menu of service
  • List Clients
  • Incorporate the business
  • Purchase equipment
  • Permits and licenses
  • Build a website
  • Marketing
Things to Consider
Things to consider before starting the enterprise are type of service, full/part-time and preferred customer demography. Other considerations include conducting a comprehensive marketing analysis, legal documentation and securing startup funding.
You need to write a virtual administrative business plan and focus on niche areas of specialization. Make sure you prepare a feasible budget, purchase the right equipment and marketing.
  • Type of service
  • Full/part-time
  • Preferred customer
  • Marketing analysis
  • Legal documentation
  • Securing startup funding
  • Business plan
  • Focus on niche
  • Prepare a feasible budget
  • Purchase equipment
  • Marketing
office assistants
Learn the Trade
There is no hard and fast rule to becoming a virtual assistant. However you need proper organizational, and communication skill.
Other criteria are proper time management, working within a schedule and secretarial skill. More functions are bookkeeping, marketing, administrative and basic business knowledge.
There are many online courses and training institutions that offer tutelage and certification. Gain knowledge through Udemy course, blogs, e-books, groups and forums.
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Why Become a Virtual Assistant
There are two ways to become a virtual assistant, paid employment or become an entrepreneur. The major advantages of entrepreneurship are time flexibility and low startup.
You should provide services aligned with your skill. Your client base is vast and you assist companies/individuals in different countries. Other benefits include setting your own prices and client choice.
  • Sole entrepreneurship
  • Time flexibility
  • Low Startup
  • Different Services
  • Set your price
  • Choose your clientele
Services Provided by a Virtual Assistant
A virtual assistant provides different services depending on their skill set and proficiency. They offer social media management, customer service, schedule appointments, proof read and bookkeeping.
Other functions include phone calls, data entry, writing, editing, blog management and email correspondence. More are technical support, event planning, graphic designs and internet marketing.
  • Social media management
  • Customer service,
  • Schedule appointments
  • Proof reading
  • Bookkeeping
  • Phone calls
  • Data entry
  • Writing
  • Editing
  •  Blog management
  • Email correspondence
  • Technical support
  • Event planning
  • Graphic designs
  • Internet marketing.
Virtual Assistant Equipment
The cost of equipment is low and affordable. Basic equipment’s are a laptop/desktop computer, software, scanner and printer.
You need a dedicated phone line, Modem with 4G internet access, stationery and office furniture. If you want to work from home designate a space for your office.
  • Laptop/desktop computer
  • Software
  • Scanner
  • Printer
  • Phone
  • 4G internet access
  • Stationery
  • Office furniture
Where to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs
The internet has provided an easy platform to find virtual assistant jobs. Popular websites that feature such jobs are zirtual, worldwide 101, people per hour and flex jobs.
Time Etc,  24/7 Virtual Assistant, Red Butler, Uassist Me, and Freelancer. More include eaHelp, Fancy Hands, Upwork, Virtual Assistant USA, and Virtual Staff Finder.
Where to Get Virtual Assistant Jobs
•    oDesk
•    Guru
•    iFreelancer
•    zirtual
•    Worldwide 101
•    People per hour
•    Flex jobs.
•    Time Etc
•    24/7 Virtual Assistant
•    Red Butler
•    Uassist Me
•    Freelancer
•    eaHelp
•    Fancy Hands
•    Upwork
•    Virtual Assistant USA
•    Virtual Staff Finder.

Startup Costs and Pricing
As an assistant you pay for training, insurance cover, tax and purchases basic equipment. Startup cost depends on your business template. You can start a home business with $200-$1000.
The amount you charge clients depends on the service provided. You could charge per project, retainer package plan, hourly or weekly rates.
You can offer bundle deals and discounts for regular clients. Other pricing techniques are packaged pricing, one time projects.
Ideally you earn can around $10-$50 per hour averaging about $30,000 annually. Accept payment via money transfer, credit/debit card escrow or PayPal.
  • Charge per project
  • Retainer package plan
  • Hourly
  • Weekly rates
  • Offer bundle deals
  • Discounts
  • Packaged pricing
  • One time projects
Build a Website
Although there are websites that offer freelance jobs it is better building a website. Choose a domain name and paid host plan.
Make sure the website looks professional by using a premium template. Include services, images, job description and add a shopping cart. You can include testimonials, about us page, privacy policy and terms of service.

How to Start a Home- Based Virtual Assistant Business

virtual assistant

Virtual assistant jobs are regarded as freelance services. They are self employed professionals offering administrative services to companies and individuals.
Virtual assistant are independent contractors outsourced to carry out specific functions. Benefits to employers are reduced expenditure on logistics, insurance, wages and tax considerations.
The virtual assistant communicates through email, internet, facsimile machines, online work place or conference /phone calls. The increase benefit of technology offers the virtual assistant many modes of communication and delivery.
They use advanced technology and work on contractual bases. virtual assistants provide administrative support services for companies. There are a few challenges when starting a home-based virtual assistant business.
Business Plan
Writing a business plan will guide you on startup details and marketing. Others are future goals, business structure, funding, equipment and prerequisite skills needed.
Virtual Assistant Industry
There are two types of virtual assistant’s one that works in an office under the management of a company and the home-based assistant who works as an online administrative or personal assistant.
Experienced professionals from the corporate world are usually the demography that embraces virtual assistant work. There are many sectors in the virtual assistant industry.
Some are secretarial work, legal, administrative, medical and web marketing. Others are consumer services, we marketing, IT, food and retail.
List of Virtual Assistant Industry
1    Secretarial work
      Web development
      Web marketing
      lFood Consumer service
             Real estate 
      Content writing
You can start by enrolling in a management training course to develop your skill. You might need at least 4 years administrative experience as an executive secretary.
Other work experience that are useful include information technology, legal secretary, legal assistant, secretary and paralegal experience.
Theses skills allow VAs provide a diverse range of services. As you can see virtual assistants have varied qualifications and experience. Experience in administrative work, customer service and sales are added advantages in this type of business.
What Service do you Offer?
You need to decide on the service you offer. This should be based on your qualifications, experience and skill. Target the market that best complements your skill such as content writing, secretarial work, administrative work and other areas.
Narrow your field or offer a verity of options depending on your areas of interest. Some freelancers sign up to bid for project websites. Theses websites offers a wide range of professional and business jobs.
There is a downside to this arrangement which is poor remunerations, lots of fierce competition and a multitude of freelancers with similar or better skills that you. The bidding process is also difficult because some bidders accept low rates.
 To get ahead you can promote your specialists skill, research and target small business owners and startups. Also develop a good working relationship and deliver topnotch work.
Other things involved are diary management, and lots of emails. A good strategy is to sign up with a freelance website that hooks you up with companies. You gain to make more money this way without bidding for jobs.
Set up a Workplace
If you subscribe to home-based format set up a workplace at home. Assign a dedicated workplace by adding equipment needed to do the job.
 Equipment such as laptop, desktop computers, fax machines, printers, scanners and modem. More equipment is basic office supplies, pens, paper, telephone, staplers and an answering machine.
Use online APPs like Skype, email, instant messenger, WhatsApp, and webcams
Set your Prices
You can join a virtual workforce platform that accommodates only a select few virtual assistants. Find freelance websites that find companies for you and offer an hourly rate.
Such top sites have effective quality control mechanisms by assigning project managers. The managers check deadlines, work completion and standardization.
This offers companies a trusted website to build an efficient remote workforce overseen by a project manager. Companies satisfied with your job are more likely to keep you on their payroll for several years.
The kind of task generally dictates the amount you charge. It is not uncommon to base your charges on an hourly rate. To have a clear picture on rates and charges research other virtual assistants to know what others are charging.
Work Schedule
You need to decide on a work schedule to regulate your business. You can choose to work full time, part time or for six to ten hours daily. The advantage is the flexibility the job offers except when mandated to meet a certain deadline.
Market your Business
An effective way to reach clients is through a dedicated website. Build a website for your virtual assistant business and post articles related to your field of interest.
 Use the website to get jobs and referrals. Other offline methods are newspaper publications, and networking.


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