Hydro dipping business: How to Start a Hydro Dipping Business

Hydro-graphic and hydro dripping are usually referred to in the same context. The process involves applying printed designs on physical objects.
There is no limitation to the type of surfaces applicable such as polymer, steel, wood, plastics and metal. Other surfaces include ceramic, fiberglass, hardwood, metal and large objects.
The process uses a transcription film, surface preparation, clear coating, priming and painting. The ink image adheres to the object through a transparent film transfer process. The water soluble film later dissolves when an activator solution is applied.
Common terminologies are liquid print, water transfer print and hydro-graphic paints. More include water solubility, fluid imaging and water based formula.
Hydro-graphic uses water/ink based printing to provide unique designs at cheap, affordable prices. To succeed you need to have an effective marketing strategy.
Applicable Product Surfaces for Hydro Dipping
  • Polymer
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Fiberglass
  • Hardwood
  • Metal
  • Small/large objects.
Hydrographic Equipment
There is some basic equipment’s used by hydrographic companies. Purchase dipping tanks, spray booths, drying ovens and rinsing tank. Others include hydro dipping film and an activator formula.
  • Dipping tanks
  • Spray booths
  • Drying ovens
  • Rinsing tank
  • Hydro dipping film
  • Activator formula.
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Create a Business Identity
You need to create a business identity by registering the company. Register the business as a limited liability company.
Get liability insurance and employer tax identification number. Secure an operational license and follow waste management protocols. Find out from your local authorities the zoning formula.
Choose a Good Location
Make sure you rent a large enough facility. Locate the business in a commercial area with heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
Study the zoning requirements in your locality. Find a local supplier of consumables such as the film and ink.
Learn the Hydro-graphic Process
Learn the dipping process and how to achieve clear images. You need to design images, learn how to apply the applicator and the dipping process.
Learn through regular practice, books, seminars, workshops and tutorials. If you have the resources hire an expert to teach you the techniques.
There are many copyright designs you could choose as your template. Purchase good designs to complement your work.
The business is highly competitive so you need an effective marketing strategy. Make sure your products are visible and stand out. Use huge signboards, billboards and poster to advertise your business.
How to Start a Hydro Dipping Business
  • Write a hydro dipping business plan
  • Conduct a feasibility study and survey
  • Learn the trade
  • Incorporate the business
  • Leas or rent facility
  • Purchase equipment
  • Use unique high quality designs
  • Develop an effective marketing strategy


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