Pet Photography startup: How to Start a Pet Photography Business

Do you know there are almost as many pets that there are humans? There are different types of pets from domesticated, dangerous and rare exotic animals.
Pet lovers spend a considerable amount of money caring for their animals. If you have a passion for animals there are many products and services to offer.
Pet related products and services include pet food, Medicare, grooming and breeding. It is important choosing a pet related business of interest.
The business is highly lucrative and rewarding.  As weird as it sounds many people pay considerable sums to make portraits or take photographs of their beloved animals.
The business aspect involves taking professional picture of pets. It does not matter the type of animal from dogs, cats, birds, reptiles or marsupials.
The business template is simple, interesting and fun. However you need considerable amount of money to setup a commercial studio.
This is because the cost of photography equipment is on the high side. Before starting the enterprise you need to learn photography, rent a photo lab/studio and buy appropriate equipment.
Why Pet Photography
The question is why invest in pet photography business. The reasons include few competitors, huge profit and simplicity. Although start-up costs are high, you can run the business alone.
Invest in a good location is important or work from home. The business is practicable from home or a commercial studio.  And specializing gives you an edge over regular photographers.
Learn Photography
You need to learn commercial photography. You could develop a natural talent or become an apprentice. Read books on photography, attend seminars and learn through tutorials.
Buy Appropriate Equipment
Purchase digital equipment and studio accessories. Basic equipment you need include stabilizers, lighting kit, stands photography background, lamp holders and digital camera. Others are studio backdrop, umbrella, photo frames, outdoor studio, flashlights and continuous lighting.
Comprehensive List of Photography Equipment
  • Power cables
  • Light modifiers
  • Strobe lighting
  • Stage equipment
  • Reflectors
  • Accessories
  • Soft box tool kit
  • Shutter cables
  • Generic light
  • Tent clamp set
  • Battery flash
  • Stabilizers
  • Lighting kit
  • Stands
  • Photography background
  • Lamp holders
  • Digital camera
  • Studio backdrop
  • Umbrella
  • Photo frames
  • Outdoor studio
  • Flashlights
  • Continuous lighting.
Conduct a Market Survey
Before setting up the business conduct a market survey and write a business plan. Understanding your customer requirements and demography is important.
This will provide important information on best location and start-up costs. Other considerations are legalities, best equipment, and marketing.
Pet photography Business plan
Write a pet photography business plan and carry out a feasibility study. The business plan should have an executive summary, mission statement including type of products and services. The plan needs a business structure, SWOT analysis, market analysis, target market, forecasts and funding.
  • Executive summary
  • Mission statement
  • Products and services
  • Business structure
  • SWOT analysis
  •  Market analysis
  •  Target market
  • Forecasts
  • Funding
Rent a Space
Rent a commercial space and setup your studio. Incorporate the business as a limited liability company. If you work from home setup a studio in your garage or any available space.
Pet Photography Services
There are a number of services you can offer to generate income. Offer studio photography, home services and event captures.
Others are competitions photography, portraits, and commercial advertisement photographs. Another visible source is selling pet images on stock photography websites.
  • Outdoors Shots
  • Studio photography
  • Home services
  • Event captures
  • Competitions photography
  • Portraits
  • Commercial advertisement photographs
  • Sell on Stock photography websites.
Make sure your prices are competitive and fair. Study what your competitors are charging and beat their prices. 
Offer digital imagery, framed pictures, quality prints and bundle packages. Offer repeat customers discounts and value added services.
You need to attract lots of patronage to make profit so print flyers, business cards, billboards and sign boards. Advertise your business on local television stations and radio.
Use pet lover’s magazines and local newspaper publications. Other marketing tools include referrals, word of mouth and organizing local events.
Steps on How to Start a Pet Photography Business
  • Purchase digital cameras
  • Build a clientele
  • Create a website
  • Rent a photo studio
  • Equip the studio
  • Buy accessories
  • Get familiar with the pet
  • Incorporate the business
  • Secure funding
  • Advertise the studio


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