Sell Pet Products Online: How to Start an Online Pet Shop

E-commerce stores make regular sales and are doing good business. You can start an online pet store and take advantage of the huge market.
To start selling online you need an e-commerce website and products. There are many mega stores online such as, and
Some offer webmaster affiliate deals while some work on referrals. You could leverage on such sites or network with pet product manufacturers.

Write a Business Plan
Even though you intend starting an online store you still need a business plan. The plan should have an executive summary and marketing plan. Other considerations are employees, financials and type of products.
How to Find Supplies for Your Pet Store
You could join an online store and become an affiliate, use drop shipment or have a physical store. You also need to carefully choose your products and establish network of suppliers. Alternately make your own products and sell.
pet dog
Pet Products
There is a huge range of pet products to sell on your website. You could select top brands with good reviews and recommendations.
Add products such as canned food, litter box, treats, supplements, toys, crates and powders. More items are kitty houses, books, pet cloths, chains and grooming products.
  • Canned food
  • Litter boxes
  • Treats
  • Supplements
  • Pet toys
  • Crates
  • Kitty houses
  • Books
  • Pet cloths
  • Chains
  • Grooming products.
How Affiliate Stores Work
To become an affiliate you need to signup with a popular e-commerce store. Once accepted as an affiliate they share a small percentage of the sale. Affiliates are given a unique URL that track visitors who visit the site and make a purchase.
Build a Website
To build your website select a domain name and host plan. Make sure the domain name has keywords to attract visitors.
Then build a search engine optimized e-commerce site. Add images of your products, description and price. To sell your own products add a shopping cart and checkout. You also need to add a privacy policy, terms of usage, about us page and contact page.
Pet shop Office Equipment
Your office needs a computer, printer and modem. You could add a fax machine, dedicated telephone, tables and chairs.
Choose the Right Software
If you plan to run your own goods then choose the right software. Apart from the software make sure you have a responsive design and template.
Sell the Pet Products
To sell your pet products you need to advertise. Use free/paid classified websites or directories.
You could introduce a blog or guest post on websites in your niche. Use social media such as Google+, twitter, Facebook and Instagram to increase traffic to your website.
Some people sell directly from their social media accounts. Other important marketing tools are email marketing and newspaper advertisement.
Drive Traffic to your Website
  • Use free/paid classified websites
  • Directories listing
  • Guest posting
  • use social media
  • Email marketing.
Find a Drop Shipper
If you don’t want headache of shipping goods find a drop shipper. The drop shipper handles all the arrangements of shipping the product to the customer. This business model is effective, however you need to open an account with the company.


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