Selling Socks for Profit

Socks are inexpensive footwear that is cozy, comfortable and practical. The item is popular with corporate people, sports enthusiasts, high fashion designers and casual workers.
To start a sock company you need to determine your area of interest. Are you going into manufacturing, wholesale or retail?
To succeed you need to develop a trendy product that is cost effective and profitable. Here are a few ideas on how to start a sock business.

Sock Business Franchise
You could go into manufacturing, wholesale or retail. Another option is sock business franchise ownership.
Going into a partnership franchise will reduce administrative costs, staff wages and marketing. Other benefits are assistance, lower startup, branded product and provision of educational material.
Most companies provide franchise members a comprehensive catalog of stock designs. A wholesale purchase effectvely reduces overall cost of items at retail value.
Advantage of Franchise Business
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Fewer staff
  • Free marketing
  • Assistance
  • Lower startup
  • Branded product
  • Free Educational material
  • Purchasing catalog
  • Retail value.
Types of Socks
There is a huge verity of sock designs available in stores. As an entrepreneur you need to get acquainted with trendy footwear.
Socks could be cute, classy, contemporary, boring or fun. They provide protection against cold, dirt and absorb our sweat.
They have come a long way for the monochrome color to different prints and hues. The footwear can be classified by length design and functionality.
Common types are the tight high socks, knee length socks and calf length socks. Others include quarter length, ankle length, and mid-calf length socks.
Thigh high socks offer a sensual look while knee length ones are common to uniform regiments. Calf length/crew length ones look sporty while ankle length socks are ideal for low cut shoes.
  • Tight high socks
  • Knee length socks
  • Calf length socks
  • Quarter length
  • Ankle length
  • Mid-calf length socks.
Why Socks are So Important
Socks are very important because they add value to our lives. They look nice while absorbing sweat, cuts and bruises. The footwear absorbs shock, blisters, cold and prevents dirt.
Sock Company Legalities
The legalities apply to manufacturing, wholesale and retail companies. You need a value added tax registration and insurance.
Apply for a trade license and patent a trademark name/logo. Incorporate the business as a LLC, partnership or sole proprietorship business. Your products must comply with quality standardization requirements.
Sock Making Equipment
Sock making is automated this ensures quality of the product. Basic equipment’s are steam press, trolleys and over-lock machine. Others are dryer tumbler, automatic power sock knitting machine, hydro-extractor and sock setting machine. Purchase a single cylinder sock machine with latch dial needles. The machine can make embroidery patterns have double welt.
  • Steam press
  • Trolleys
  • Over-lock machine
  • Dryer
  • Tumbler
  • Automatic power sock knitting machine
  • Hydro-extractor
  • Sock setting machine
  • Single cylinder sock machine
Sock Material
The product is made from different material that is elastic and durable. Common raw materials are spandex, olefins and nylon. Others include polypropylene, polyester, wool, acrylic and cotton.
Marketing the Product
The product is highly popular and in demand. Manufacturers can barely meet the industries requirement.
Cheaper high quality socks and fashion wear are pointer to the demand. Manufacturers could establish sales outlets or network with wholesalers.
Other sales outlet are supermarket stalls, malls, fashion stores and cloths merchants. Use radio and television advertisement including print media to sell your products.


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