Start Small Scale Tracksuit Business

Tracksuits are sports wear that consists of a jacket and trousers. The comfortable outfit is stretchy and can withstand rigorous exercise.
Competition athletes favor this type of wear because it is simple, rugged, elastic and allows freedom of movement. The polyester suit is a good insulator and waterproof. Entrepreneurs looking to invest in the business can go into manufacturing, wholesale or retail.
Tracksuit Fabrics
Tracksuits are made from a variety of fabrics based on the design and functionality. Common fabrics used by manufacturers are polyester, mixed cellulose triacetate/polyester. Others include cotton, plain knit polyester and semi sheen lightweight fabrics.
  • Polyester
  • Mixed cellulose triacetate/polyester
  • Cotton
  • Plain knit polyester
  • Semi sheen lightweight fabrics.
Tracksuit Making Equipment
The process of manufacturing the sports wear starts with fabric selection. They cut to desired size, stitch pieces together and wash.
They then apply the hydro extracting equipment to extract water then dry in tumbler. Some use an electric cloth steamer to straighten the fabric.
Important equipment used during the process are cutting machine and stitching machine. More equipment’s are sewing machine, rib cutter, electric cloth steamer, hydro extractor, dry tumbler.
  • Cutting machine
  • Stitching machine
  • Sewing machine
  • Rib cutter
  • Electric cloth steamer
  • Hydro extractor
  • Dry tumbler.

Licensing and Permit
Incorporate the business as a limited liability company. Trademark a brand name for your sports wear.
You need a trade license and insurance cover. Apply for employer tax identification number and find out the zoning formula.
  • Register the Business
  • Apply for a Trademark
  • Get a Business name
  • You need a trade license
  • Insurance cover
  •  Apply for employer tax identification number
Tracksuit Marketing
Tracksuits are generally made for sports people or health enthusiasts. However there are trending wear made for entertainers and leisure activity.
Designers are rapidly moving out of the box and creating wearable suites. Your stock determines the market demography you service.
Regular tracksuits are marketed to fitness clubs, sportsmen and professional athletes. Casual tracksuits are sold to young executives, fitness fanatics, housewives and people in tertiary institutions.
Write a Tracksuit Business Plan
Before starting the business don’t forget to write a tracksuit business plan. Then carry out a feasibility study or conduct a survey.
Find out the best location for your business, where to source raw materials and best model equipment. Determine the business structure, management team, number of staff and funding.
Build a Website
If you conduct a simple search for tracksuits you would find many ecommerce websites. An effective marketing tool is to sell your cloths online.
Build a responsive website complete with product images, prices and shopping cart. Collect credit/debit card payment including PayPal. Make sure your website has an easy to navigate design and add an about us page, address and contact information.
Use Social Media
You could reach lots of customers through social media engagements. Use Facebook Google+, Linkedin, twitter and Instagram. Use free and paid classified website listing to reach customers. You could also list your company in online directories and yellow pages.

Image Attribution: By Kyle Cassidy, CC BY-SA 3.0,