Starting a Wheel Alignment Business

Wheel alignment is a simple business that requires basic tools. The service provider needs to learn the trade and secure a busy location.
You need start-up funds a good business name and purchase the right equipment.
Register the enterprise as a sole proprietorship business and apply for tax identification number. Here are a few ideas on how to start a wheel alignment business.
Starting a Wheel Alignment Business
Write a Business Plan
Write a wheel alignment business plan and carry out a feasibility study. Use the study to find customer demography and business location. Purchase equipment, secure funding and hire appropriate staff.
Funding the Enterprise
Join a credit society or local chambers of commerce. Apply for fixed interest loans from a community bank or micro finance bank.
You could try saving the money or borrow from friends and family. Other funding sources are partnership arrangement or an investor
Wheel Alignment Business Location
Vehicles are the primary reason for wheel alignment and balance business. Every vehicle would eventually need a little tire adjustment. Therefore opening such an establishment is highly lucrative.
Target areas of heavy vehicular traffic and lease shop space. Any busy road you choose will be beneficial to your business. Once you have rented the shop purchase essential equipment.
Best Location for Alignment Business
There are a few locations best suited for wheel balancing and alignment. Top of the list are petrol stations and mechanic workshops. Others include closeness to busy intersections, car parks, spare part shops or commercial areas.
  • Petrol/gas stations
  • Mechanic workshops
  • Busy intersections
  • Close to Car parks
  • Close to Spare part shops
  • Commercial areas.
Legal Requirements
Your enterprise is basically a one man business. Incorporate as a sole proprietorship business.
Choose a good business name and get tax identification number. In some countries there is zoning formula guiding such enterprise.
  • Trade License
  • Employer tax identification number
  • Comprehensive/health insurance
  • Incorporate as limited liability or sole proprietorship
  • Choose a business name
The best way to market your service is through a signboard. The business is localized and restricted to the immediate area. 
You can reach out to your customers through flyers, business cards and banners. Use word of mouth and offer your clients quality service.
  • Use Flyers
  • Banners
  • Billboards
  • Signboards
  • Complimentary cards
  • Word of Mouth
Hire Staff
You could employ a single staff member and have an apprentice. To increase profit sell items related to your service such as engine oil, rims and spare parts.
Wheel Alignment Equipment
There are basic tools you need to start an alignment business. Buy a semi automated lift, tire changers, and sheet metal fabricator. Others include wheel balancer's, basic wheel alignment system, and alignment tool.
Shop Tools
  • Truck Dollies
  • Welding Equipment
  • Water Hose
  • Engine Hoist
  • Transmission Services Tools
  • Tool Box
  • Transmission Jack
  • Sheet Metal Brakes
  • Meter
  • Safety Apparels
  • Pressure Washers
  • Power Tools
  • Motor oil Flush
  • Machine Generator
  • Fuel System Cleaners


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