Vending Machine Business Profit Margin

Vending machines are automated money making machines. They carry out a specific task once fed coins or credit card.
They feature reinforced glass to display sale items and automatically dispense items on purchase. Vending equipment can be categorized into two types of machines.
We have the common vending machines that dispense beverages, cigarettes and snacks and the specialized vender. Specialized vending machines focused on non traditional items such as marijuana, life insurance, books or bait vending.
The amount you earn as passive income depends on the location. Average monthly earning per machine is between $10- $25.
You could setup a full vending shop that features different vending machines. Another types of vending services are location vending.
Vending Machine Items
There is a vast range of items displayed by vending machine. The type of item depends on the manufacturer and functionality of the equipment.
Common items found in vending machines are cigarettes, birth control items, condoms and lottery tickets. Others include soft drinks, alcohol, beverages, snacks, newspapers and stamps. Bait machines dispense fish bait while book vender's dispense books
List of Common Vending Machines
  • Photo booth vending machine
  • Newspaper vending
  • Change machines
  • Stamp
  • Ticket machines
  • Lottery machines
  • Sweets machines
  • Cigarette vending
  • Food venders
Top Vending Countries
Although vending machines have been around since the early 1880 England,many countries have not embraced the technology.  Top countries that utilize the machine are China, Hong Kong, Brazil, India and Hungary. Others are the United States of America, Europe, India, Japan, South Africa and Russia.
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Decide on a Product
You need to decide on the type of product to sell. You have a whole range of items such as phones, beverages, health care products and food items.
Once you have chosen product purchase appropriate machinery. You could secure loans form a micro finance bank or target save.
Buy the Equipment
You could purchase new or used machinery. Used machines are 1000% cheaper than new equipment. Buy the type of machinery based on your products.
Find ideal locations for your vending machines and gradually increase the number of machines. Some investors prefer using a distributor that has vending machines and locations. The business format is simple and all you need are the machines.
The machines are very rugged and require little maintenance. Machines in heavily traffic areas and popular locations might require more maintenance than slow locations. You might need a machine repairer on some occasions.
Collecting the Money
You could empty the vending machine weekly. If you have a commission based arrangement pay the owner immediately or monthly. Make sure you keep proper account and invoices.
Exercise Book Making Machine
Where to Locate Your Vending Machines
To succeed you need to find ideal locations. An ideal location should be in a commercial area with lots of human traffic.
You could use leads and email marketing to communicate with business owners. Some owners request a commission on your sales or outright space lease. Agree on a commission not exceeding 10% commission on sales.
Top locations are bars, restaurants, schools and event centers. Others include sports venues, entertainment venues and leisure parks. You find them at gas stations, shopping mall.


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