10 drone-based business ideas

Drones are unmanned vehicles deployed to perform specific tasks. The technologically advance vehicles are common place with multiple applications.
 Robotic vehicles can be categorized into unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), unmanned spacecraft (USV) and unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAV).
Others are unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), unmanned surface vehicles (USV), and automated underwater vehicles (AUV).
List of Robotic Vehicles
  • Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAV)
  • Unmanned Spacecraft (USV)
  • Unmanned  Combat aerial vehicles (UCAV)
  • Unmanned Ground vehicles (UGV
  • Unmanned Surface vehicles (USV)
  • Automated underwater vehicles (AUV).
Types of Aerial Vehicles
When talking about drones most individual refer to unmanned aerial vehicles. UAVs have aerial capacity and are manned remotely.
They come in different designs, sizes and functionality. Surveillance drones are used to take area photographs, while combat drones mounted with deadly weapons.
Some are used to deploy insecticide spray on farms while others are arranged according to devices they carry. You find drones with stabilizers, GPS devices, FPV and cameras. 
We can categorize them based on certain features such as equipment, size, range and number of propellers.
UAV Drones Categories
  • Propeller
  • Fixed wing
  • Devices they carry
  • Sizes
  • range
Propeller Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Those categorized by propellers are the single rotor drone, tricopter and quadcopter. Others are the hexacopter, octocopter and fixed wing drones.
UAVs Categorized According to Range
We have the very close range drones (50km) and short range drones (150km). Others include mid range 650km and endurance drones capable of flying 3000 feet with 36 hours flight time.
  • Close range drones (50km)
  • Short range(150km)
  • Mid range 650km
  • Endurance drones 3000 feet /36 hours flight time.
UAVs Categorized by Size
The sizes differ from very small/ mini drones that fit snuggly in your palm. To medium sized drones capable of carrying weight up to 198kg.
Then we have the large drones that a comparable to the size of an aircraft. This category is used for military applications and warfare.
  • Very small
  • Mini drones
  • Medium sized
  • Large
Business Opportunity
The drone’s different applications are responsible for an increase in entrepreneurship opportunities. Small business owners have found various ways to earn money through drone disbursement.
They are used by farmers, for leisure activities and combat. Are you interested in the drone industry here are 10 drone related business ideas.
10 Drone-Based Business Ideas
Underwater Photography
Automated underwater vehicles (AUV) are used for underwater photography. Underwater photography industry is huge and the technology is safer than deep sea diving.
You can work countless hours and take commercial photographs of underwater life. Nature pictures are popular and sold as stock photography, postcard, mounted pictures or print.
Aerial Surveillance
Security units use drones for aerial surveillance. The technology is also applicable to war situations, boarder security and locating mineral deposits. It is also used for search and rescue missions.
You could open an online store and sell to companies or individuals.  You need a domain name and host plan for your website.
Sell directly from your website by adding a shopping cart.  Add images, products description and prices.
You could purchase drones and ship directly or leverage on affiliate programs. There are drones for leisure and fun activities.
Map Making
The aerial craft is used to map isolated areas. They are an effective tool and used by geographers, farmers and documentarians.
Renting Business
You can make steady income by opening a drone rental. They are leased to companies, individuals, security outfits and farmers. You could also rent the vehicles to drone enthusiast and for leisure activities.
The vehicles are delicate and require regular maintenance. Running a repair outfit where there are lots enthusiasts will be profitable. Companies that regularly use the technology would require occasional maintenance and repairs.
Those interested in the technology need to know how to use it. Operating a coaching business would teach people how to safety use the device.
Drone Delivery Service
Although this business is at an infant stage it has great prospects. Imagine delivering your pizza/shop purchases directly to your door step. This is going to be possible sooner than you think.
Agricultural Services
They are used by farmers for surveillance and other functions. They are perfect for pest control and soil hydration.
Entertainers and documentarians have found unmanned aerial vehicles useful. You must have seen breathtaking musical videos and films depicting aerial shots. Other applications are wedding and event videography.


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