10 Ways to Make Money on Nairaland Forum

Nairaland is an online community with over 1.7 million registered accounts and over 50 million users. Created by a Nigerian Seun Osewa the forum touches on different topics based on the contributor’s interests.
 Majority of the visitors are Nigerians looking to learn new things or post comments. The comments cover a diverse range of topics such as beauty, healthcare, politics, news and entertainment.
Apart from posting comments and participating in the forum you could leverage on the sites popularity to make money. Here are 10 ways to make money on Nairaland.
10 Ways to Make Money on Nairaland
Start a Consulting Business
Are you proficient in some aspect of business or commerce? Then you can leverage on Nairaland targeted audience.
Post on the forum and showcase your proficiency and expertise. Offer readers a small feel of what they could derive using your services.
Offer expert advice, limited information and charge for full disclosure. Popular subjects include commodity export, online commerce and make money ideas.
Website Design
Many people area eagerly looking for ways to earn income. Once they have decided to start a blog or website they need a web designer.
The demand for website is huge and offering such services would attract lots of patronage. Showcase your skill by posting informative topics and a link to your website.
Search Engine Optimization Services
With millions of websites struggling to find their audience offering SEO is a good idea. The website owners would employ your services for a fee.
Websites require huge traffic to generate income and SEO is very important. Many people are will to pay for such services.
online money
Freelance Writing
Many people love to own websites but have zero knowledge of writing. To populate their website they need to hire a freelance writer. You will found many freelance writers on Nairaland offering their services
Marketing Your Products
If you have products why not market them on Nairaland. The product should be targeted at your customer demography Nigerians. There are many types of products such as software, premium templates, physical products and books. Some unusual products I have seen being sold are goldfish, dogs and plastic fish ponds.
Graphic Designs
Graphic designers make the vision of the client come alive. They create different types of designs such as logos, advertisements, book covers and post cards. The designer works within the mandate of the client
Attract Traffic to your Blog
Nigerian webmaster use Nairaland to attract traffic to their website. Although the links are probable no-follow they still carry enough juice. Webmaster leverage on huge daily traffic to Nairaland and generate income through targeted audience.
YouTube Videos
YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming websites online. Powered by Google the site has millions of visitors daily.
There are also millions of videos on the website so getting noticed is slightly challenging.
If you have monetized your YouTube videos you need lots of traffic to make money. The same principle of adding a link to your blog works with YouTube links.
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is popular with Nigerians. They use Amazon associate, Clickbank, eBay and jumia shopping site.
If you want to drive traffic to your affiliate sales page you need to sell a product that is needed by Nigerians. Some smart bloggers embed their affiliate links within their signature. Before using this technique make sure you are not violating any rules from your affiliate network.
Ebook Sale
Selling ebooks is a no-brainer especially kindle books. The books should be informative and solve a problem. Common topics include online business, make money online, blogging for cash and business books.


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