30 Small Business Ideas for Rural America

Rural America offers investors many business opportunities. They provide lots of income for smart entrepreneurs looking to invest in such communities.
The business ventures cover a whole range of products and services. Before you start any venture you need adequate knowledge of your business environment.
 Other considerations are startup funding, good location and equipment. Here is a list of lucrative business you can start in rural Areas.
Small Business Ideas for Rural Areas
Local Museum
Many rural areas have their own unique identity and lifestyle. The simple things such as commerce and daily living could be very attractive to visitors.
 Local crafts, imagery, photographs, carvings and fashion would interest visitors. Owning a rural museum in such a location is a good business idea.
Home Security Provider
Although the client base is small every home needs some kind of home security. The upside is that an entrepreneur starting such a business will dominate the market and run a monopoly.
Day Care Owner
The trust level in daycare centers must be high because you are handling peoples kids. Rural dwellers also need the services of a good daycare center.
Transport Service Provider
Transportation is an essential means of movement. The level of competition would be low and you can easily develop a relationship with regular clients.
Auto Repair Business
If you have the prerequisite training as an auto mechanic you could start an auto repair business. Why not open a small auto mechanic shop and earn regular cash.
You will service local inhabitants and visitors to your area. You could increase income by selling engine oil, parts and other lubricants.
Elderly Care Provider
Interestingly elderly care centers in rural areas Thrive. This is attributed to longevity in such localities. The elderly care giver should develop a relationship with the clients.
Handy man
Starting a handy man business requires low startup capital. You only need funds for tools and transportation.
In rural areas the houses have ancient history and are old family houses. They require constant repairs and remodeling providing lots of income for the handy man
Junkyard Operator
Even in rural areas there is lots of junk. You can deal in metal scraps, aluminum, iron and rusty pipes.
Restoration Business
Restoration business is even more lucrative than running a handy man enterprise. However you need the prerequisite qualifications, certification and manpower to operate a restoration business
Appraisal Service Operator
Rural areas are full of unique, rare items due to the age of the area. Running an appraisal service would thrive in such environments. You even get to buy such unique items and sell in urban markets.
Firewood Delivery Service
In cold regions the houses are built to use firewood as heating. The inhabitants are usually old or middle aged and unable to cut their own wood. Providing firewood delivery service in such environments is very lucrative.
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Antique Seller
Much like he appraiser the antique seller will have a huge inventory of rural craft. The antiques are valuable and will appeal to visitors to the area.
Many houses in rural America are made from wood. A wood worker would find lots of restoration jobs in such area. You need to have woodworking skill and appropriate tools.
Antique Mall
The rural area is full of antiques so providing a venue is a good idea. The locals in need of additional cash will bring their antiques.
And locals including visitors make purchases. You can earn commission per sale or provide a lease space for sellers.
In most rural areas where there is large mass of land farming is the major source of income. Running a farm in a rural area is a no-brainer it is lucrative and eco friendly. You can always transport your products to farmer markets occasionally.
Open a Grocery Stand
There are lots of farms in rural areas so sourcing produce is easy. Running a grocery stand and stocking fresh products will find a good market.
Plant Nursery
Owning a plant nursery in the rural area has its benefits. You should concentrate on local plants for farmers and decorative plants for home owners.
Farm Equipment Maintenance
Rural areas have vast lands with many farms so providing equipment maintenance is lucrative. Once you have established competence local farmers and hobbyist will patronize your services.
Open Plan office Rental
If you have a building that is centrally located, why not open a general office. The office could be leased daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. All you need is to install appropriate office equipment and utilities.
Rural WIFI Operator
In many rural areas the internet connectivity is poor. Running a rural wifi hotspot or cyber café would attract customers to your establishment.
Commercial Photographer
Rural dwellers regularly celebrate marriages, events and attend social gathering. Becoming the resident photographer guarantees regular patronage. You could also open a photographic studio for local inhabitants.
Rural Radio Station
Establishing a rural radio is not that difficult once you get approval. Alternately you could run an internet radio straight from your house. You can cover local events, rural news and occasions.
If you have internet connection why not try blogging. Blogging requires long hours developing content that is useful, interesting and appealing.
 A good way is to create a rural blog it to highlighting many interesting aspects of the area. You will make money through advertisements, reviews and paid posts.
Drone Operator
The drone technology can be deployed in many ways. You could offer farmers air spraying of farm fields or photography. You could also document the landscape and put in nature books.
Stock Photography
Rural areas are full of amazing landscapes and culture. You could take digital photographs and sell on stock photography websites. You need a huge body of work to earn regular income.
Open a Winery
If grapes grow nicely in your locality why not open a winery. You could sell to local inhabitants or foreign markets.
Laundry Services
Most rural homes are not fitted with simple washing machines and the washing is generally done by hand. Offering the rural laundry services could attract lots of patronage.
Become a Tour Guide
Rural America is beautiful, quiet and bustling with nature. Many city dwellers visit such areas for recreation and fun.
Providing a tour guide service will put money on your table. It has zero startup capital except transportation costs.
Open a Local Gift Shop
Sell locally made items such as cups, bowls, glassware, and materials. There is a large amount of inventory to sell in local gift shops.
Gym Ownership
Gym ownership will work if you have lots of middle aged people in the community. Healthy living has become a very important aspect of American lifestyle. Therefore opening a gym is beneficial to the community.


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