How to Become a Cement Distributor in Nigeria

Cement is packaged in 50kg bags and sold to distributors in trailer loads or bulk purchase. The business is competitive, profitable and capital intensive.
You need serious cash to venture into wholesale distributorship. Things to consider are appropriate storage facility, funding and equipment. You should try to secure a distributorship agreement with top manufacturers.
List of Cement Manufacturers in Nigeria
The process of manufacturing cement is tedious and capital intensive. However a number of cement manufacturers in Nigeria produce quality products.
Top on the list is Dangote cement and Lafarge cement WAPCO Nigeria Plc. Others are Reagan Cement Company of Nigeria, Eastern Bulkcem Company and Cement Company of the North.
More are Sokoto cement, Elephant cement and Portland cement.
  • Dangote
  • Lafarge cement WAPCO Nigeria Plc
  • Reagan Cement Company of Nigeria
  • Eastern Bulkcem Company
  • Cement Company of the North
  • Sokoto
  • Elephant
  • Portland
Uses of Cement
Cement is used as a binder during civil construction projects. It has various functions such as erecting fence posts and making precast pipes.
The product is used on roads, drainage pipes, footpaths, bridges, dams and driveways. Other important applications include making concrete, block making, pillars and beams.
  • Binder
  • Civil construction projects
  • Erecting fence posts
  • Precast pipes
  • Roads
  • Drainage pipes
  • Footpaths
  • Bridges
  • Dams
  • Driveways
  • Concrete
  • Block making
  • Pillars
  • Beams
How to Become a Cement Distributor
Purchase a Truck
You need to move the products to retailers and construction sites. Therefore purchase a strong utility truck to carry the heavy products. You could decide to use haulage companies to move your product.
Storage Unit
You need a good storage unit to stock the product. The storage units should be large, dry and waterproof.
The location should be close to customer demography such as building projects or new developing areas. Rent a warehouse that has good parking space and is easily accessible to trailers.
Source the Product and Licensing
The largest cement producer in Nigeria is Dangote Cement Plc. They operate in 16 African countries and are open to distributors.
The company requires documentation such as a bank reference letter, application and certificate of incorporation. The certificate of company registration is obtained through an attorney from the Corporate Affairs Commission.
Make sure you register the business as a limited liability company. You need passport photographs of your company’s managing director and your company’s representative.
You are guaranteed 48 hrs registration and no application or registration deposits.
Minimum Purchase
The minimum amount of cement acceptable for purchase by a distributor is 600 bags. This is equivalent to one trailer of cement products.
Private individuals, institutions and corporate bodies who wish to purchase in bulk could approach the manufacturing company


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