How to Start a DVD Store

Although renting videos were the rave in the early 90s things have changed. The advent of digital technology, smart televisions and the internet has brought cinema closer to homes.
However many people still prefer old school DVD videos. To start a video store you need to find an ideal location and get acquainted with copyright laws. Try to secure funding and register a business license.
Secure a Good Location
A good location is close to residential homes, shopping malls and supermarkets. Focus your attention on commercial areas and business districts.
The location should have heavy vehicular and human traffic. Make sure you have basic utilities such as electrical power, storage space and backup generator.
Video Store
Stock your shelves with both foreign and locally produced films. Offer your customer different formats such as VHS, DVD and even USB download.
Include in your inventory video games, film related magazines and posters. Purchase from reputable suppliers, private individuals and online stores.
Another good business strategy is to repair, trade or sell used or new DVD players. The same applies to Xbox and video games.
  • VHS
  • DVD
  • USB downloads
  • Video games
  • Film magazines
  • Posters
  • Xbox video games.
Video stores earn through member registration and other offers. Offer your members discounts, short rent, special sales and bonuses.
Sell film memorabilia’s, magazines and new releases. New release especially action, science fiction and romance are best sellers.
Purchase several copies of hot trending films to rent to your customers. More services include selling edibles such as biscuits, snacks and cakes.
  • Discounts
  • Short rent
  • Special sales
  • Bonuses
  • Film memorabilia’s
  • Sell magazines
  • New releases
  • Snacks
  • Soft drinks.
Brand your Business
To compete favorably with others you need to brand your video store. Stock older classics and new releases and use sign boards.
Use billboards, posters and share business cards. Make the store community friendly and a fun gathering spot.
  • Stock older classics
  • New releases
  • Use sign boards
  • Posters
  • Billboards
  • Share business cards
There are serious concerns pertaining to copyright infringements. Your store needs a trade license, business name and insurance.
And apply for employer tax identification number. Register the business as a sole proprietorship company
You need moderate funds to start a video store. Try target savings or borrow from community banks in your locality. Find an investor, partnership or borrow from friends and family.
  • Try target savings
  • Borrow from community banks
  • Borrow from friends/family
  • Find an investor.


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