Phone Charging Business in Nigeria

A simple venture you could start with very little capital is phone battery charging business. The business is practicable full-time and part-time.
The business has grown in popularity due to epileptic power supply in Nigeria. Many smart entrepreneurs offer the general public charging services for a fee.
The template is very simple and easy to establish. All you need is a popular location with lots of pedestrian traffic.
You could work from a makeshift canopy or small shop. Other requirements include small generator and charging points.
Things that Contribute to Profitability
Things that contribute to profitability are the proliferation of cheap low capacity batteries and poor electricity supply. The batteries require constant charging and last barely 24 hours. Most areas in Nigeria are in perpetual blackout with light generation at its lowest.
charging points
You need 6 basic equipment's which are a plastic chair, socket and bench for customers. Others are charging points, plastic table/ counter and a standby 1.1 kVA generating set.
Stock multiple head and multiple phone chargers to accommodate more phones. The phone chargers should accommodate android, Nokia and multipurpose functions.
  • Plastic chair
  • Sockets
  • Bench
  • Charging points
  • plastic table
  • counter
  • Standby 1.1 kVA Generating set.
.Pricing and Costs
The running costs are fuel for your generator, maintenance, rent and local government levies. A phone battery recharge service costs N50 per charge. And they are cable of serving 60 people daily earning N3000.
To increase earnings sell phone accessories, batteries and chargers. It is possible to make N50, 000 monthly once working capital is removed.
The best locations are marketplaces, commercial areas and densely populated areas. Areas with very poor power supply and bus stops are huge money earners.
Look for locations with heavy pedestrian traffic. You could rent a small space or lease space and erect a canopy.
  • Marketplaces
  • Commercial areas
  • Densely populated areas
  • Areas with very poor power supply
  • Bus stops
  • Locations with heavy pedestrian traffic
Provide Adequate Security
To run the business you need to provide adequate security. Thieves are rampant and looking for easy targets.
Secure the phones by placing them in cage like contraption or away from easy reach. You need to be actively present, security conscious and observant.
Theft of a quality Smartphone could attract dire consequences. You could register a business name and get liability insurance. Register the business as a sole proprietorship business.
How to Start a Phone Battery Charging Business
  • Find an ideal location
  • Purchase equipment
  • Register the business
  • Open the business


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