Scrapbook making business: How to Start Your Own Scrapbook Making Business

Scrap-booking is all about passion and memories. There are three ways to earn income from the profession.
You could create pre-designed scrapbooks and sell online or fill orders. Another way is to sell scrapbook supplies.
Places to sell are trade fairs, flee markets, ecommerce websites and book shops. Other ways is to rent space, attend craft shows or sell through a blog.
Typically the business is a part-time venture with perks. You help people store cherished memories while making a buck.
Learn the Trade
I assume you already have the creative talent to make amazing scrapbooks. However, you need to educate and re-educate yourself to remain relevant to changing trends.
There are lots of online resources to consider such as eBooks, Books, tutorials and online courses. You will find video, seminars, podcasts and blog posts on the topic.
  • EBooks
  • Books
  • Tutorials
  • Online courses
  • Video
  • Seminars
  • Podcasts
  • Blog posts
Where to Sell Scrapbooks
As mentioned earlier you can sell at fairs, flee markets and on e-commerce sites. You could build your own website and highlight pre-made designs.
Sell at craft shows, vacation spots and even baby nurseries. You could add scrapbook supplies to your business venture. Top online eCommerce websites to sell your products are Etsy, eBay and Retailer tips for Small Business Owners
  • Fairs
  • Flee markets
  •  e-commerce sites
  • Craft shows
  • Vacation spots
  • Baby nurseries.
The business is low cost and requires very little funding. Majority of the funds are geared towards procuring a computer, internet connection and scrapbook supplies.
You can easily work from home or an office workshop. Funds are spent to purchase a domain name and host plan for your website. Alternately pay a web designer to create an ecommerce website to showcase your products
Build a Website
You can build or blog or website to sell your products and supplies. Chose a keyword rich domain name and include checkout cart on your website. Add images of your products, description and contact information.
Scrapbook Themes
There are lots of scrapbook themes to develop for every occasion. Common themes are wedding, valentine, thanks giving service and summer holidays. Others include family, baby themes, Easter, Disney visit themes.
  • Wedding
  • Valentine
  • Thanks giving service
  • Summer holidays
  • Family vacation
  • Baby themes
  • Easter
  • Disney visit themes.
Book Binding Techniques
It is important you offer your customer different designs and binding. There are different bookbinding techniques available to scrapbook craftsmen.
You could use Japanese stab binding, pamphlet stitch, string binding and sewn tapes binding. More include glue binding, Coptic, chain and spiral binding.
  • Japanese stab binding
  • Pamphlet stitch
  • String binding
  • Sewn tapes binding
  • Glue binding
  • Coptic
  • Chain
  • Spiral binding.
Mini-Scrapbook Projects
There are lots of min-scrapbook projects to embark on. You could create circle book/album, envelop books, exploding box scrapbook and ATC Book.
Other projects to consider are altered books, fabric books, maze book, flag, origami, piano hinge book or pocket book. You could make a one page mini album, never ending book, flip album and tunnel book.
  • Envelop books
  • Exploding box scrapbook
  • ATC Book
  • Fabric books
  • Maze book
  • Flag
  • Origami
  • Piano hinge book
  • Pocket book
  • One page mini album
  • Never ending book
  • Flip album
  • Tunnel book.
How to Start Your Own Scrapbook Business
  • Study your competition
  • Research trends
  • Find suppliers
  • Select a niche
  • Choose an interesting business name
  • Legalize the business
  • Setup your home workshop
  • List your services
  • Create mini-scrap books
  • Create a website
  • Promote the business


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