Selling Teaching Resources Online

Selling teaching resources online has some grey areas. The questions are how ethical or legal is it to sell such teaching tools.
How do I know my resource is worth sharing, how much money can I make sell them and where to sell them.
Teaching materials are a range of tools and resources used to deliver instructions. They assist student learning, engagement and participation in the subject matter.
They also provide flexibility, might use multimedia and other tools. A resource should provide maximum retention, encourage discussions and learning.
Selling educational material helps underpaid teachers get best resources at relatively cheap prices. Some teachers also need assistance in preparing such tools hence the purchase of such material.
Some teachers earn additional income doing this business but it is not for everyone. There is nothing wrong in creating teaching material for sale if you have the time.
However you need to decide if you want your hard work in a stranger’s hand.
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How to Create a Teaching Resource
Study popular resources created by teachers and attend forums. Provide useful content and focus on the design.
Make sure the design is quality and has a high standard. Make sure the resource is full of useful information. It requires patience/time to sell and don’t forget to add detailed product description.
Characteristics of a Good Teaching Resource
What make’s a good teaching resource is accuracy, usefulness, efficiency and relevance. A teaching resource is an effective teaching toll used by teachers to improve students learning.
Characteristics of a good aid are simplicity, accuracy and easy to decipher. It should be legible, large, purpose driven and comparable to current teaching trends.
The aid should be informative, used to supplement a teacher’s purpose and used for different/specific class levels.
Why Develop a Teaching Resource
There are many advantages to using a teaching aid. The resource provides verity, verbal instructions and saves time.
It should aid students learning, provides good interaction between teacher and pupils. Other advantages include improvement in speech training, positive learning environment and enable student retention.
It elucidates the topic, clear thinking and provides vividness in learning situations.
Where, why and how Teaching Aids are Used
Teachers use aids because they are brief, simple and related to the subject matter. They help teacher prepare adequately for lessons and assess the mental and physical levels of students.
The aids should be interesting and provide meaningful interactions and direct impact to student. The aids are perfect for visualization, legibility and clarity of the subject matter.
 How Maximize My Teaching Resource for Profitability
The main question is how to maximize your resource to attract purchase and profitability. The first step is to make it very comprehensive.
Shoddily done jobs are easy to spot so put in the effort and create a bestseller. Use a good and effective description of the resource by making it informative and detailed.
Once you have written a detailed description choose a suitable image to display. The resource should be comprehensive and add demo version and reference accurately.
Use plain and accurate subject description and include a display image and realistic pricing.
Sell-able Teaching Aids
You should sell only resources developed and produced by you. You should have the copyright to the material and plagiarized material is forbidden in this industry.
The resource should benefit the teacher, is accurate and specific to grade or exam board.
Where to Sell
There are several ways to sell teaching materials online. The demand is high and some online marketplaces sell such products.  The side deal provides passive or real income to teachers.
Before selling anything you should hold the copyright to the material. Please review the contract with your employer to know if you are in the clear.
Common materials sold on these sites include worksheets, planners, curriculum and printable. A good place to sell is directly from your website.
Choose a good domain name that reflects your products and get a paid/free hosting plan. Feature demos of your product, good description and a shopping cart. Accept online payments through PayPal or credit/debit card.
Places to sell are Etsy to sell digital or printable products and earn 3.5% on sale of item. Sell on Teacher Lingo get free membership and earn 65% on each sale. They also have a paid membership scheme were you pay $49 annually. The benefit is an increase in earning ratio to 85%.
Educents offer daily deals at 50% on sale and regularly priced items 85%. You will receive payments through PayPal. Other similar sites are Help Me Teach, Teachers Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers.
How to Sell your Work
Although each site differs in their methodology, uploading is slightly the same. You need an image preview of your product.
Set up a specific subject description for exam boards or grade. You set your own prices and ship after sales or make the product downloadable.


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