Solar Business Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Solar energy business falls under renewable energy service provider. Renewable energy is clean energy harnessed from nature. We have solar energy, hydro energy, wind power and geothermal energy.
Solar is energy is derived from the sunlight and converted into electrical energy to provide power or heat. The business is lucrative with a huge market and few players.
This offers a good business opportunity for investors eager to earn good income in renewable energy business.  Establishing a company is moderately challenging and requires knowledge of trending technology, laws and funding.
Challenges include material costs, research, development and marketing the technology. Other considerations include hiring qualified staff, incorporating the business, training and insurance.
How to Start a Solar Energy Business.
Funding the Solar Enterprise
Clean renewable energy businesses are eligible for grants. Europe, United States of America, Canada, Australia and many countries focus policies towards alternative energy especially green technology.
The federal governments are willing to provide grants for product development and eco-friendly companies. To secure funding submit grant proposal to government agencies and angel investors.
Other funding sources include bank loans, crowdfunding and investment groups. You could sell startup equity, find core investors, try target saving or borrow from friends and family. More include lines of credit, venture capitalists, group contributions or association loans.
  • Government grants
  • Non-Government Organization Grants
  •  Angel investors
  • Bank loans
  • Crowdfunding
  • Investment groups
  • Sell startup equity
  • Find core investors
  • Try target saving
  • Borrow from friends and family
  • Lines of credit
  • Venture capitalists
  • Group contributions
  • Association loans.
Write a Business Plan
Write a solar energy company business plan and carry out a feasibility study. Focus on customer demography, business model, services, profit and loss.
Differentiate your company from competitors and offer competitive prices and value added services. Use the plan to attract investors, secure funding and create a workable budget. Focus on profitability, growth, development future projections and self sustainability of the company.
Prepare a Grant Proposal
Only a few advanced countries offer grants towards green technological development and research. If your country falls under this group then submit your proposal to appropriate agencies.
If you don’t have such initiatives there are international non-government grant organizations willing to offer financial assistance. Before reaching out to such organization you need to carry out research on such groups and due diligence.
You could contact an expert to prepare a grant proposal. Make sure the grant is submitted to eco-friendly non government organizations and government agencies.
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Register the Solar Business
Register the business as a LLC or sole proprietorship business. Carefully select a business name that reflects your core business.
Choose a domain name and paid host plan to develop your website. Find out from the authorities the licensing and permits to run a solar company. Don’t forget liability insurance and tax identification number.
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Setup Infrastructure
If you are into generation you need appropriate permit and licensing to setup your infrastructure. Other requirements include zoning and land use requirements.
Startup costs for infrastructure is huge and the technology expensive.  Once the structure is in place, up and running you can sell the energy. Some solar businesses focus on small solar installations for private residents, offices and government offices.
How to Marketing a Solar Company
You could develop strategic partnership with existing power generation companies. This is done by offering excess power to existing power grid.
The partner will pay your company for the extra power. Such contracts are usually short or long termed depending on your agreement.
Another opportunity is residential installation services and maintenance. You can approach government offices, commercial buildings, schools and real estate developers.
Include solar related services, seminars and products to generate more income. Reach your customers through newspaper advertisement, television and radio programs.
Use print media such as billboards, flyers and business cards. Join alternative energy associations, groups and participate in trade shows. Offer discounted products including promotions during public holidays.
  • Sell excess power
  • Residential installation
  • Maintenance services
  • Attend seminars
  • Sell products
  • newspaper advertisement
  • television advertisement and radio programs
  • billboards, flyers and business cards
  • Join alternative energy associations
  • Participate in trade shows
  • Offer discounted products
  • Promotions


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