Start Ladies Footwear Manufacturing Business

Ladies footwear accounts for a huge part of the shoe industry. They are highly sort after products around the world.
The footwear industry is divided into manufacturing, wholesale, retail and repairs. Practitioners in this industry make good money whatever sector they choose to operate.
Shoe making requires moderate/huge startup capital. Apart from purchase of equipment, they need distribution network, adequate storage facility and proper inventory management.
Other requirements include quality products, efficiency, licensing and effective marketing strategy. A popular brand would attract many wholesale and retailers interested in the product.
Ladies Footwear Company Licensing and Permit
Footwear companies design the shoes they produce. To avoid copyright infringements the original design is patented.
The shoes should conform to quality checks and standardization. You might need tax identification number, BIS and ISO 9001certification.
The company’s products are subject to value added tax and a trade license. Incorporate as a sole proprietorship or Limited Liability Company. And introduce an effective waste material management system.
  • patent original designs
  • standardization
  • tax identification number
  • BIS and ISO 9001certification
  • value added tax
  • trade license
  • sole proprietorship or Limited Liability Company
ladies footwear
Shoe Making Raw Materials
Shoes are made from different fabrics depending on the application. Shoes have the upper side, insole, out-sole, accessories and auxiliary materials. 
Materials generally used in the upper parts are rubber fall, leather fabrics, and natural leather. Others are plastics, paramedics, textile material, composite material and synthetic fabric.
Out-sole material consists of polyurethane and thermoplastic rubber. More material is polyvinyl chloride and ethylene Vinyl Acetate.
Accessories are hooks, zips, rivets and eyelets. Other accessories are buckles, metal fittings, threads, shoe laces and shanks. They stock adhesives, polish, packaging materials such as cardboard boxes and cartoons.
Shoe Materials
  • rubber fall
  • leather fabrics
  • natural leather
  • plastics
  • paramedics
  • textile material
  • composite material
  • synthetic fabric
  • polyurethane
  • thermoplastic rubber
  • polyvinyl chloride
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.
  •  hooks
  • Zips
  • Rivets
  • Eyelets
  • Buckles
  • metal fittings
  • threads
  • shoe laces
  • shanks
Hire Staff
Hire only qualified and experienced staff to run the operation. They have management team, experienced machine operators, drive, secretary and sales representatives.
The footwear maker uses direct labor or forklift equipment to load inventory.
Ladies Footwear Machinery
There are many equipment’s used in the manufacturing process. A standard shoe production company has skiving machine, stitching machines and bending machine.
Others are the scoring machine, die cutting machine, scissors and finishing machine. Office equipment includes computer, design software, printer, scanner design templates, telephone, fax and furniture.
  • skiving machine
  • stitching machines
  • bending machine
  • scoring machine
  • die cutting machine
  • scissors
  • finishing machine
  • computer
  • design software
  • printer
  • scanner
  • design templates
  • telephone
  • Fax and furniture.
Top brands use advertisement to sell their brand. They use both offline and online resources. Other methods are classified listing and social media advertisements. You find lots of shoe images in newspapers, billboards, posters and banners


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