Starting a Telemarketing Company

Telemarketing involves direct marketing through phone calls to existing and potential customers. The system is an effective promotional toll used by many companies.
Major clients that enlist the services of a telemarketer include beverage companies, brewers, real estate developers, and supermarkets. The business is highly sorted because marketing is essential to any organizations growth.
To succeed you need to generate leads, schedule appointments and develop a customer data base. Most companies carry out the service themselves.
However others prefer outsourcing the service to independent telemarketers. This is because hiring a telemarketing company impacts positively on a businesses revenue generation.
Way Companies Advertise
There are many ways companies advertise their products or services. Common techniques are through television advertisement and radio.
They use print such as newspaper advertisements, printing billboards, flyers and posters. Other methods involve online resources like classified websites or directory listing. More methods are through direct phone calls or automated marketing.
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Things to Consider as a Telemarketer
There are a few things to consider before launching your company. You need to gain knowledge of the industry and write a business plan.
The next step is to find a good location, equip the office and hiring qualified staff. Other considerations involve training, funding, and government licensing.
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Plan the Operation
It is essential you develop a plan before starting the operation. The plan should cover budgeting, licensing and getting clients.
The clients in this case are companies who need the services of telemarketers. You need an office location, address, government licensing to operate, marketing and qualified staff.
Telemarketing License
There are stiff fines/penalties if your company fails to comply with state registration requirements. You need a State Telemarketing License.
Some states require licensing from inbound calls while some are exempted. Other licensing are national DNC list, state auto-dialer permits and state DNC lists. Hire a telemarketing attorney to provide guidance.
How to plan a Telemarketing Campaign
Define your Target Market
Any campaign needs to be focused on a target market. The goods or service you want to advertise should fit your target demography.
This will ensure an effective campaign with appreciable results. A company needs to decide if they want to hire a Telemarketing Company or have a department.
The List
The list of target audience needs to comply with certain provisions. You must comply with privacy and data protection requirements.
Sending unsolicited mail could incur stiff penalties and even litigation. Therefore your target audiences are within the boundaries of your limitation.
Develop a Script
It is important to develop a script for your telemarketers. The script should be easy to follow, answer queries and professional. The script is basically a guide for better efficiency and time management.
Hire Staff
It is very important your staff has telemarketing experience. This is because the marketer has a very small window to convince an audience.
The staff should have a good voice, amiable personality and good interpersonal skills. You need to incentivize your staff for optimum performance by giving bonuses and sales initiatives.
Interactive Voice Respond Campaigns
There are two types of IVR campaigns automated and outbound campaigns. Outbound IVR are user generated, alerts, sales and leads that offer product recalls changes and new offers.
It is also applicable to conference calls, surveys and meetings. Automated telemarketing are inexpensive and an efficient way of processing high volumes.
Finding Company’s
To succeed you need to have some companies as clients. You should develop a brand and differentiate your services.
Find company’s through networking, search tools and yellow pages. You could join an association related to your industry.
Try advertising your company in national newspapers, television and radio. You can approach companies in your area with your proposal. Learn how to generate sales through appointment setting.
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Steps to Start a Telemarketing Company
Find an ideal location and equip your office. You need a computers and telemarketing equipment.
Register the business as a limited liability entity and hire experienced staff. You then approach companies that require your service. They might provide customer list or you develop your own list.
Make sure the list targets the preferred demography. Charge your clients per leads or appointment. The type of project usually determines your pricing.
Find out what your competitors are charging and their packages. And make sure you hire an attorney to produce a contract.


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