The Secret of How to Get 10,000 Email Subscribers

To succeed as an online entrepreneur you need to get lots of email subscribers. In affiliate marketing thespians have a slogan 'There is Money in the List.'
There are some tested and proven strategies that will exponentially increase your email list. Bloggers spend untold hours writing useful content and developing a community.
They sometimes monetize the blog to earn income. While some work full time as bloggers painstakingly building their brand and followers.
Once you start earning income the next challenging is attracting visitors to your blog. The more visitor the high the likelihood you earn more.
So the big question is how to achieve 10,000 subscribers. Gathering email listing is an art form some webmasters have mastered.
To achieve 10,000 milestones you need an effective strategy, loads of patience and a brand. Here are some tested strategies on how to achieve 10,000 email subscribers.
2o Ways to Increase your Email Subscribers
Start a WordPress blog
Wordpress is free software webmasters use to build blogs. To build your blog use a top level domain name and host plan.
Use a SEO optimized techniques and premium template to design the blog. The next step is to use appropriate plugin to boost your email subscription.
Attract Traffic
There are two types of attracting huge audience through paid or free traffic.
Paid traffic is achieved through paid advertisements such as Facebook ad or Adwords. Free traffic comes from social media engagements and organic search.
To get conversions you need to attract targeted traffic to your blog. Organic search is achieved using SEO techniques and quality post.
In the early stages of your blog you need to list strategies. The strategies should focus on blog design, loading speed, email subscribers and traffic generation. You should also focus on produce valuable and engaging content.
Make the Connection
You should steadily build relationship with webmaster in your niche and visitors to your blog. Answer blog comments, offer advice and forge friendships.
Offer Free eBooks
Free ebook publications are the number one way webmasters build email list. Everybody love free giveaway however they need to add their email address to get the book. Create free books on topics in your blog and watch as the email list increases.
Fast loading blog
It is essential your blog loads fast. This is because visitors will leave your page if it fails to load quickly.
That means you have lost a valuable reader who might never come back. To ensure fast load use alter text appropriately, image attribution and other parameters.
Have a Budget
The cost of running a successful blog could spiral out of control. Running cost include domain name, host plan, and email subscriber hosting fees. Other fees are paid advertisement, purchase of images and even blog posts.
Be Flexible
Although you have fashioned how you want to develop the blog things change. You need to adapt to the fast changing internet world.
New ideas and techniques develop everyday. Therefore remaining abreast of new practices offers an edge over your competitors.
Use Paid Advertisement
There are many paid advertisement channels to boost your traffic. Use discovery on StumbleUpon, FaceBook ads, Adwords and twitter Ads. Many social networks have different Ad platforms.
Social Media
If you have a FaceBook page, Instagram, WhatsUp, twitter and StumbleUpon account you will in time have lots of followers.
However you need to be very active on the social media to gain lots of followers. Followers can easily become subscribers and they are alerted to every new post.
Encourage Subscription
You need to encourage your visitors to subscribe. Direct them to the email form, use free ebooks, courses and tutorials. Use lead pages, guest posting and other ways to increase subscription.
Design a Scalable Blog
Some blogs look crowded and are difficult to navigate. Pay serious attention to your blog design and make it easy to navigate.  Carefully select the colors, text placement and graphics.
Do Lots of Research
Every webmaster consistently does lots of research. They research topics, new technology and ways to improve their blogs. Learn how to find keywords, develop subscription forms and other useful resources.
Use Pop up
The conversion rate of pop up is very high. Although the mechanism is annoying to visitors some opt in reflectively.
Make sure opt in forms are mobile enabled to catch this huge segment of users. Homepage opt in forms can easily covert 10% of visitors.
Post Regularly
Regular posts attract new and existing followers. They also help with traffic, page ranking and other metrics. The immediate benefit is not easily seen but the post will generate traffic for years to come.
Send Mail
Mail sending has its good and bad sides. You attract new subscribers and loss many. Such email regularly fall under spam mail and are discarded like yesterdays news.
Test the Form
You could try different variation of the form to find out which one is effective. Split test your landing page and forms. Change the designs and make them more appealing.
Guest Posting
Guest posting is a powerful tool bloggers use to attract traffic. Identify top sites in your industry and send a request to guest post.
If they play ball write quality post and Backlink to your blog. The more guest posting you do the bigger your traffic.
Use Rich Media
Write quality content that is useful and informative. The content would even be better with info graphics, podcasts, videos and graphics. Make you post shareable and you will attract loads of new subscribers.
Think Outside the Box
Successful bloggers often think outside the box. Every trend was started by somebody. Develop new techniques and cash in before others discover the gold mine.


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