Vermicompost Fertilizer Production Business

Vermicompost is a mix of bedding, food waste and decomposing vegetable to produce fertilizer. The composting agent are live earthworms who covert bio-degradable food into organic fertilizer.
The product attracts premium prices and ideal for farming. The amount of money you invest depends on the size and scale of the enterprise.
You should decide on home business or purchase/lease a plot for the business. You could start a small organic fertilizer production business at home with $600. Things to consider are equipment, tools, raw materials, licensing and startup funding
Home Based Vermicompost Production Business
Why Vermicompost Business
The question is ‘Why-start a vermicompost business. The answer is simple, low startup, premium priced product and high returns.
Other benefits include eco-friendly nature, organic, moderate odor and practicable from home. There are few licensing requirements and you produce nutrient rich fertilizer.
The business is low maintenance and the worms are sell-able. The excess worms are sold to fish farmers, pet stores and farmers.
Benefits of Vermicompost Business
  • Low startup
  • Premium priced product
  • High returns
  • Eco-friendly nature
  • Organic
  • Moderate odor
  • Few licensing
  • Nutrient rich fertilizer
  • Low maintenance
  • Sell the Worms
Startup Funding
You could raise capital by judiciously saving or borrow from family or friends. Approach a microfinance bank for soft loans or a thrift and credit society.
Raw Materials
Decomposing organic waste is used as a composite material. To successfully produce compost you need a sizable number of earth worms.
You could encourage worms to grow in your garden or buy from a pet shop.  There are different types of earthworms such as red worm and night crawler.
They are highly efficient in producing vermicompost why gorging on the food source.  You also need animal manure, earthworm bed, and dry leaves.
Other materials are waste food, peelings, fruits stems and vegetables. More are cow dung, farm residue, bio-degradable and food stuff.
  • Different types of Earthworms
  • Animal manure
  • Earthworm bed
  • Dry leaves
  • Waste food
  • Peelings
  • Fruits
  • Stems
  • Vegetables
  • Cow dung
  • Farm residue
Equipment and Tools
There are a few basic tools you need to produce the fertilizer. Purchase a shredder, strainer, garden fork, spade, wheel barrow, digger shovel and gloves.
  • Shredder
  • Strainer
  • Garden fork
  • Spade
  • Wheel barrow
  • Digger
  • Shovel and Gloves.
How to Produce Vermicompost
Collect the waste materials such as food waste, dry leaves, peelings and vegetables. Cut and shred then mix chicken droppings with old manure.
New manure produces high amount of manure and not idea conditions for worms. The mixture should be left for 4-10 days to encourage partial fermentation. 
Add the shredded material in appropriate ration to make the vermin-bed. An anaerobic process is achieved when the bed is watered and covered with nylon bag for 14-20 days.
Then add the earthworms to the bed and maintenance core temperature and moisture. Harvest manually by removing the earthworm or sifting.
Composite is ready in 40-50 days and aerate by turning every 30 days. Stock the compost in a properly ventilated space that is dry and secure.  
Vermicompost Production
  • Gather the bio-degradable waste
  • Shred and allow decomposition for 10 days
  • Select a shady spot
  • Construct your vermi bed
  • Arrange partially decomposed material in layers
  • Apply cow dung to 1st layer
  • Then introduce earth worm
  • Make sure the bed is moist by sprinkling water
  • Cover the top with nylon material
  • Turn every month to aerate
  • Remove worms through hand picking or sieve
  • Composite is ready in 40-50 days.
Licensing and Registration
Register a business and incorporate as a sole proprietor. You need a tax identification number from the bureau of internal revenue.
You can get technical assistance from the department of agriculture, department of science and technology and any vermi farm within your locality.
Vermicompost is highly organic and an effective fertilizer. Organic farmers are willing to pay premium price for the product.
Contact local farmers and offer discounts and free delivery. Use local media such as newspaper advertisement and radio. You could also build a website and showcase your product.


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