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How to Earn Income with Paid Focus Groups

Focus groups provide spare cash and cannot generate full time income. Focus groups generally screen out those who have participated in more than one focus group per season.
So making realistic extra cash is very difficult. To get regular engagement signup with online market research companies.
The companies provide similar work such as secret shopper and product testing. You can find focus groups on Craigslist or apply to local groups.
There are some websites that have focus group such as 20/20 panel, Adler Weiner Research and FocusGroup. Others are plaza research, Nichols research and MindSwarms.
What Are Consumer Focus Groups
Focus groups are group oriented discussions on a particular subject matter. They are primarily aimed at market research to obtain opinions of consumers. Initiated by companies they pay participants handsomely for their time and impute.
Why Conduct a Focus Group
The reason for such sessions is unadulterated information. Focus groups provide useful insight to products or services.
Manufacturers use focus groups to gain feedback on new or existing products. The opinion and data collected are used to improve the product and marketability.
focus group
Who Organizes Focus Groups
Focus Groups are organized by business owners, manufacturing companies and conglomerates. Others are market research organizations, non government organizations, marketers and survey companies. It provides an unbiased platform for candid discussions and interactions between consumers and producers.
How is Focus Group Organized?
A person generally applies to become a member of a focus group. You could find advertisements online and off.
Application into these groups is tough and difficult to join. Joining any focus group is absolutely free so any body asking for payment is a fraud.
Focus groups are demography based and require local residents of a particular area or institution. Focus groups generally comprise about 10- 20 members.
The session is moderated by a representative and secretly observed by a third party. They sometime record the season for further scrutiny. Online focus groups are also gaining huge reputation based on the unbiased views of unseen participants.
Duration of Focus Groups
Although the duration differs an attendant could earn $100-$200 for the session. It involves discussions and long sessions of conversation. 
Focus group screen takes a considerable amount of time. The process involves answering multiple questions, filing out personal information and even taking a small quiz. The entry requirement and method of choosing participants differ and is at the discretion of the convener.

11 Best Free Web Hosting Websites

Small business owners know the importance of having an online presence. A website would attract clients, improve sale and company visibility.
Startup entrepreneurs struggle with low funds, competition and increased inflation. Building a website involves some financial involvement to purchase domain name and paid host plan.
This scenario easily applies to the young people, graduates and unemployed. Embracing the web should not dent the pocket of new comers.
There are several platforms for website building with zero investment.  And a few host providers that offer free hosting and sub domain names. This is an ideal arrangement because upgrading is relatively easy.
Most host providers offer free plans and encourage upgrades to paid host plans and more features.  Listed below are 11 host providers that offer users free hosting.
web hosting offers completely free hosting services.  They have a simple 1 click website builder for Wordpress or joomla.
The package has a Bandwidth of 5GB including 1 free email account. Other features are 1GB storage including 1 domain name and 3 sub domain names. The host plan is not eCommerce compatible.
They offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage and free sub domain. The host plan allows eCommerce product listing, shopping cart and product search. You don’t get any email however the website has a simple drag-drop builder.
Features are 20GB bandwidth, no email and 5GB storage. The website builder is 1 click Wordpress installation.
They support eCommerce with a 1-click installation for ZenCart, PHPShop and Joomla. 5GB Store and uses CloudLinux operational system and cutting edge technology.
They offer 1.5GB storage, unlimited bandwidth and 1 click installation for blogs and forums. The have free sub domain. You don’t get an email with the free package. has a fee website building service with 1 click installation. They also have a choice of free templates.
Storage size is 250 MB and bandwidth of 6GB. The package comes with 3 email accounts, 5 hosted domains and 1- click eCommerce cart installation.
With over 10 years hosting experience the website has Wordpress and joomla installers. They offer no eCommerce solution and allow 1 domain and 3 sub domain names. You get 1 email account 5GB bandwidth and 1GB storage.
Weebly is a popular website builder that offer free and paid host plan. You get the Weebly sub domain name, no eCommerce and 500MB storage.
Other features of the plan include unlimited bandwidth, free templates and drag-drop features. An upgrade allows eCommerce store building.
X10hosting has unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and 3 free email accounts. They support the latest cPanel, MySQL and PHP versions.
The website builder supports 150 templates and cPanel installations. Install an eCommerce store with 1 click installation.
000webhost offer users 100GB Bandwidth and 1.5GB storage. 1 clicks installation and 100+ templates. The host providers allow unlimited number of domain names and free sub domains.
The website builder is drag-drop with many templates. Storage size 500MB, Bandwidth 500MB, Wix sub domain name, no email, no eCommerce. provides 1-click Wordpress installation and free Wordpress themes. Thy offer FTP accounts, PHP5 and MySQL. The plan comes with free sub domain, 500MB bandwidth and 250 Mb storage space.

How to Become a Secret Shopper

An estimated value of mystery shopping industry is over $700 million in America. The information gathered is used to define standards, provide recommendation, improvement and incentives.
Mystery shopping is an effective data gathering tool by marketers. The marketers conduct research by engaging a pool of mystery consumers or shoppers.
The technique is highly effective in quality control, pricing and customer behavior. The statistic is then used to improve services, introduce products or upgrade. The internal watchdog is to gather information on specific products and services.
Companies that Provide Mystery Shopping Services
There are some companies that specialize in mystery shopping services. Top companies are advertisement agencies, marketing research companies and non profit organizations. Others include commercial banks, churches, housing associations and conglomerates.
  • advertisement agencies
  • marketing research companies
  • non profit organizations
  • commercial Banks
  • churches
  • housing associations
  • conglomerates
What Tasks are performed by a Mystery Shopper?
Mystery shoppers are usually private individuals or group outings. The shopper is mandated to carry out specific tasks.
The tasks are product behavior, pricing, and product visibility. They use a checklist, ask questions, and purchase products.
Once the functions are completed they provide the principle feedback or detailed report. The shopper earns rewards, coupons and cash payment.
There are many online and offline companies that hire mystery shoppers. Popular online websites are inteli shop, market force, and Best Mark.
Survey Model
The shopper is guided by a pre-written survey model. A mystery shopping service provider develops a document based on the hiring company’s recommendations.
The document is primarily to measure certain indexes and consumer behavior. The document is usually made up of two parts.
The document features assignments and survey instruments. Survey parameters are type of product shoppers enquires about, number of employees and store cleanliness.
Other parameters are product price, service delivery employees behavior , store appearance and professionalism. The survey parameters are based on the client’s expectations.
  • type of product shoppers buys
  • enquires
  • number of employees
  • store cleanliness
  • product price
  • service delivery
  • employees behavior
  • store appearance
  • professionalism
  • clients expectations.
Actionable Instructions
Actionable practices include procurement of item and create scenarios to test the shops response. Other practices are measurements, photographs and service delivery.
The shopper presents themselves as regular customers to properly evaluate the store. Once all the data is collated they present the information to their employers. Most mystery shoppers are regular people offering relevance service.
  • procurement of item
  • create scenarios
  • test the shops response
  • measurements
  • photographs
  • service delivery
  • evaluate the store
Tools Used by Mystery Shopper
The mystery shopper is furnished with different tools to carry out the assessment and testing. Primary tools include smartphone’s, cameras, questioners and surveys. Other tools are audio recorder, list of stores and scanner, label reading app.
  • assessment and testing
  • smartphone’s
  • cameras
  • questioners
  • surveys
  • audio recorder
  • scanner
  • label reading app
Mystery Shopping Venues
Specific industries and venues are ideal for this service. Common locations are retail stores, malls, supermarkets, open market and bars. Other locations are car dealerships, gas stations, fast food outlets, hotels and movie theaters.

How to Get Paid for Tweets on PaidPerTweet

Twitter has over 100 million users posting 300 million tweets a day. The social network is very popular and a brand leader.
There are lots of monetize opportunities for twitter users. You need a huge number of followers to cash in on this opportunity.
A popular destination is PaidPerTweet website open to advertisers and twitter users. They offer advertisers access to millions of influential twitter users with millions of followers.
Advantages for Advertiser and Twitter Users
There are loads of advantages for advertisers and twitter users. They include premium earning, visibility, promotion and increased traffic.
The Advertiser
The advertiser has direct access to top influencer's in the twitter community. The twitter engages and reaches followers through tweets.
Paid Tweets help brands go viral by notifying huge number of followers. They create instant social interest and traffic for the advertiser.
  • direct asses to top influencers
  • twitter engages
  • help brands go viral
  • create instant social interest
  • traffic for the advertiser
The Twitter User
The twitter user gets paid handsomely for this service. They set their own prices and help companies gain lots of exposure for their product or service. PaidPerTweet is an effective and easy strategy to monetize your social network account.
  • Paid handsomely
  • set their own prices
  • gain lots of exposure
  • easy monetize strategy
Type of Tweet Jobs
The types of tweet assignments differ according to the advertiser’s choice.  The tweet jobs are products, services and promotions.
Others include press release and website links. To succeed you need a minimum of 10,000+ followers to attract advertisers. The higher the number of followers you have the higher your pricing.
  • Products
  • Services
  • Promotions
  • press release
  • website links
Twitter Users Eligibility
The moderators of the website accept certain types of twitter users. The user needs at least 10,000 followers although useful this is not a hard and fast rule.
We have noticed users with 0 followers to millions of followers on the site.  Twitters that have websites or blogs are highly favored by advertiser because of the better coverage. The twitter user needs to engage the followers both on twitter and their blogs.
Twitter user has the option to monetize their followers by creating a buzz around a product or service. You set your own price and can easily make $20 to $1000.
The number of tweets per day is also a determinant on the price you set. The follower’s niche also determines the advertiser’s choice of service.
How it Works
The first step is to join the website and get automatic verification. Once you get a job tweet then share the tweets URL with PaidPerTweet. This is to verify the job completion and to get paid. An Advertiser funds their account and are allowed to hire multiple twitters.

How Musicians, Industry Professionals Leverage on Music Xray Fan Acquisition Platform

Music Xray provides commercial opportunities from musicians, industry professionals and fans. They aid the decision making process through fan engagement regarding songs.
The help industrial players make appropriate choices based on fan output. The website has specialized tools to optimize, organize and streamline results on music delivery.
They create a level field based on talent, output and credibility of the musician. The site offers targeted campaigns towards fan involvement, listening and fan based impute. It is a cost effective measure used to convert listeners to dedicated fans.
Music Xray
Music Xray is the number one industrial leading fan and talent filter. They are trusted leading fan acquisition platform and select over 1000 songs monthly.
They have over 15,000 new fan connections monthly and selection predictions. Other services include detailed analytics of musician traction and progress.
They provide fan targeting, matching and accommodate different music genre and styles. Visitors can browse opportunities sign up as music artist, music fan or music industrial professional.

  • talent filter
  • leading fan acquisition platform
  • select over 1000 songs monthly
  • have over 15,000 new fan connections monthly
  • detailed analytic
  • musician traction and progress
  • provide fan targeting
  • matching
  • accommodate different music
  • visitors can browse opportunities
Services for Musicians
Musicians can benefit from music xray service in various ways. The musician gets new fan base, aids the creative process and gets deals. Musician using the tool need to put their best music forward.
  • Acquire new fan base
  • aids creative process
  • gets deals
Service for Fans
The fans have a large data base to discover new music. they find music streamlined and targeted to their individual tastes. The website sends notifications and alerts to fans and are compensated for listening. They signup for free and get connected to SoundCloud.
  • large data base
  • discover new music
  • music streaming and targeted
  • get  notifications and alerts
  • financial compensated for listening
Services for Industrial Professionals
Industrial professionals in the music industry use the site to find business opportunities. the find raw music talents and have access to fan engagement data. They also discover  potential hit music and songsters.How to Open a Music School
  • find business opportunities
  • raw music talents
  • access to fan engagement data
  • discover potential hit music
  • discover songsters

Host to Earn Income Answering Questions

It is as simple as it sounds just answer questions and get-paid.  Such websites encourage active participation of experts in different fields and provides answer to different questions.
The experts have an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and appropriate qualifications. Any one willing to work for such sites need to structure answers in a meaningful and fact filled way.
A website that offers this service is justanswer. Founded in 2003 by Andy Kurtzig its headquarters is in San Francisco USA. They offer 24/7 answers to subscribers powered by their pool of freelance experts.
How to Become an Expert
To become an expert on the site you need to pass a review panel. The review is facilitated by a third party panel that verifies the credentials and license of each expert.
Type of experts on justanswer
The general public interested in answers to certain issues has a large pool of experts on justanswer website. The experts cover a huge number of industries.
 Experts include certified computer technicians, doctors and lawyers. Others are nurses, mechanics, veterinarians and ASE Certified technicians.
person on phone
They offer answers in different categories to users. Common categories are medical, health, legal, pet, computer and tax. Others include homework, heavy equipment, appraisals, general and engineering.
How it Works
A person signs up for an account and is allowed to ask questions.  They then place a small deposit in their account.
The user then asks a question and is provided an answer form one of the experts allocated by the website. If the answer is satisfactory the website pays the expert a determined sum from the user’s deposit.
The users are encouraged to add a star rating based on the experts response. The user is also allowed to seek another answer if not satisfied with the first response.
The site also has a money back guarantee for unhappy users. The user can only request a refund within 30 days after receiving the answer. The expert gets paid only if the user is satisfied with the answer.
Advantages of becoming one of the Expert
There are many advantages of becoming one of the experts on justanswer. Once approved the person could set preferred working hours and operate from home.
The service is offered through online resources so you need a computer and internet connection. You get to earn doing what you love and providing a valuable service.
How to Join as an Expert
There are three things you need before joining justanswer. You need to have a resume, personal identification such as a driver’s license or social security number.
The last document is certificate, state operational license or diploma. To join their pool of experts you go through a 3 step application.
The first step is to select a category. You are allowed to apply to as many categories as you like.
The second step is to upload your work history, education and resume. The category you chose will determine the requirements.
Earn Potential
According to the company top experts earn about $1000+ USD monthly.

How to Get Paid to Review Software

Softwarejudge pays members for honest software reviews both positive and negative. The reviewer earn from $1to $50 dollars per review.
Recent reviews on the site include soundTaxi, cyberScrub, 3D live snooker and others. The software’s under review are listed at
The reviewer picks any software listed on the site to review. The review is accepted based on the proficiency of the reviewer. It is imperative that the reviewer has tested and tried the product before writing the review.
Software Categories
The reviews cover a large range of categories. You find software reviews on business, finance, audio, designs and desktop enhancements. Other categories are web authoring, video, utilities, software development home, education and games.
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Audio
  • Designs
  • desktop enhancements
  • web authoring
  • video
  • utilities
  • software development
  • home
  • education and games
How it Works
The rules are simple and straight forward. Submit only original reviews you wrote. The reviews will need to pass a check to confer the originality.
The member has a review submission limit of 3 reviews a day. Only accepted reviews are published while substandard ones are rejected.
The website offers top level contributors cash payments and gifts. The gifts include free software’s, games and free reg. The payment method is through western union money transfer.
They minimum cash-out payment subscribed by the Website is $200. Make sure you complete a personal information form for easy payments.
They also offer purchase of software on request of member. The price of the software would be deducted from the amount in your account. The software should be downloadable to avoid shipping costs.
How the Software are Listed
The software’s are listed on the site according to categories. They feature the name of the software, overall star rating and lowest price. Interested buyers find the reviews written by contributors on the site.

How to Design a Customized T-shit and Sell on Teespring

There are two ways to design and sell custom T-shirts. You could procure the shirts, design the graphics and print offline.
The other method is using an online service provider like Teespring. The website offers a complete package and design creator tool.
You can design your own products and customize. Their marketplace feature only unique products by independent creators. The products are high quality, unique and customized.
Teespring Website Features
Teespring has a training center and track orders. They featured products in categories such as Phone cases and Tote bags. Others categories include apparels, accessories, mugs and home décor.
Types of phone cases are digital art, funny, textured and camo. Apparels are hobbies, holidays, trending, Halloween, patriotic and sports. Shoppers are encouraged to search popular brand created by members.
man wearing t-shirt
  • Phone cases
  • Tote bags
  • Apparels
  • Accessories
  • Mugs
  • home décor
Teespring Services
Teespring offers their members a platform to design their own products. The user can set their own prices, procure T-shirts and sell.
Other services provided by the website are customer service, production of the designs and shipping. They deal with printing, shipping, handling and payment.
  • platform to create designs
  • set prices
  • procure T-shirts
  • customer services
  • shipping
  • printing
  • product handling
  • payment
How it Works
Once you sign up with the site you can start creating the design.  You create the design and launch the product.
Design the product using the design tool to create image, and text designs. You also set the price and goals for the sales.
The product is then printed on demand within the stipulated time frame. To facilitate sales all you need to do is send people to your sales page.
 A buyer then purchases the product and payment credited to your account. Some users collect earnings while others prefer donating the sum to charity.

Earn Cash Payment as an Online Juror

Did you know you can earn small cash payments as an online juror? The online trial experience is served by eJury.
EJury provides attorney opportunities, oath taking and case obligations. The website provides a pre-trial of a real case before it goes to an actual jury or courthouse.
Unlike brick and mortar court cases that involve 12 juries, eJury provides about 50 people. The attorney gets appropriate feedback, examine the case, evidence, and find weaknesses in his case.
The website aids the attorney during jury selection in real courthouse scenarios. Other benefits of this program are offering effective arguments and improvement in submission.
Jury Case
 Case submissions are prepared by the attorney to felicitate prospective, feedback, questions and facts. EJury then post the case at a secure location in html format.
The selected online jury is then notified of the case. The jurors then logs into eJury to review facts answer questions and submit verdict.
The case is closed when the total number of completed verdicts reaches 50. A case summary is then sent to the attorney.
Jury Oath
The jury is mandated to take an oath. You need to complete the sign up process and have special qualifications.
The oath includes no paralegal training, legal assistant or attorney training. Others are no insurance adjustment knowledge or affiliate to liability claims.
They should have no association with an attorney law firm nor related to a practicing attorney.
  • no paralegal training
  • no legal assistant
  • no attorney training
  • no insurance adjustment knowledge
  • affiliate to liability claims.
To work as an online juror you need certain qualifications. You must be 18+ years and above and citizen of United States of America.
Other qualifications are good moral character, ability to read and write and not a convicted felon. The person should not have any misdemeanor, felony charge and indictment.
  • must be 18+ old
  • citizen of United States of America
  • good moral character
  • ability to read and write
  • no criminal convicted
  • no felon or misdemeanor
Payment is done via PayPal and the sum depends on the length of the case. Open to residents in America the number of available cases depends on the member’s location.
For proper accountability each case has the amount payable on the case file. An average 6 page cases could take 30 minutes to complete. And the juror could get an estimated one case per week.

InboxDollars: Make Extra Money with Inbox Dollars

Do you love watching videos then earn extra money from your passion. Inbox dollars pays members to watch videos.
You don’t need to have any particular skill or talent to earn rewards. The site has other money making opportunities such as taking surveys watching Television. They also have shopping tasks and cash offers.
How it Works
There are 4 stages in the process towards earning money. The website recruits members to do online activities and you earn cash.
This is possible because have companies that pay them for customer input.  Members request payment or receive checks once the amount reaches a small threshold.
Earning Opportunities offer members different ways to earn income. Although you can’t get rich doing these task you can earn steady payouts.
List of offers are special offers, games and shopping. Others are taking surveys, games and watching videos.
They also have members search, coupons and easy cash assignments. Make sure you read the membership guide and understand how the website functions before signing up.
  • special offers
  • games
  • shopping
  • taking surveys
  •  games
  • watching videos
  • members search
  • coupons
  • easy cash assignments
Brand Partners
The website carries out research based services for some top brands.  According to inboxdollars they claim to have partnered with some top brands. 
Listed brands include Walmart, Publishers Clearing House and H & R Block. Other brands are and Netflix. They offer a platform for advertisers interested in customer behavior and consumer preference.
It takes up a considerable amount of time to earn on this website. A task or assignment could last 30 minutes. You earn very small income however your effort may yield higher dividends.