10 Companies That Pay You to Test Websites

The World Wide Web is highly competitive with millions of websites competing in the same market. A poorly designed website would cause disaffection and irritation to visitors.
This could adversely affect the user experience and earning potential. A site needs a beautiful design, easy navigation and good user experience.
There are some companies that have cash in on this niche by providing test analysis of websites. They offer third party reviews to help increase a sites performance and usability.
Get Paid to Review Software
What You Need
The person needs to sign up with a testing website. You need internet connection, desktop computer and camera.
Other requirements include adequate practice and sample testing opportunities. Try providing quality reviews or documentation.
Most web testing site accept only residents of US, however there are a few global options. Here are 10 sites that pay you to test websites.
To get approved you need to pass a simple test. The job description requires feedback based on your experience on a clients website.
Approved members are sent assignment through email. The site pays $12 US dollars per assignment. The payment method is PayPal and the test could take about 25 minutes to complete.
This website focuses both on website and mobile testing. You get paid $5 for a 5 minute test. They have live test, share a screen and phone conversations that pays $25 for 30 minutes.
The assignments provided by this site are for mobile and website testing. They pay from $5 to $10 based on the assignment and difficulty level.  Payment is made within 14 business days and average tests last 20 minutes.
You need to pass a test to join TryMyUI. Once approved they send projects through email. They pay via PayPal and on weekly bases and you earn $10 for 25 minutes of work.
To join the website signup and take a sample test. Once approved you receive assignments through email. You receive payment through PayPal and earning start from $10.
TestingTime pays a whooping €50 per job. The payment is made within 10 working days via PayPal. They allow people around the global to sign up. Each study is done via Skype and could take one hour.
Each completed task earns the person $5 US dollars. You answer questioners and complete assignments. You get paid weekly via PayPal.
User Testing allows global residents join their pool. They pay $10 for 25 minutes work via PayPal. To join you need to pass a simple test and provide email address.
WhatUsersDo pay contributors $8 per assignment. The assignments usually last 20 minutes and you might need additional hardware like a microphone alongside interment connection.
You need a desktop computer, internet connection webcam and microphone. They offer diverse jobs such as prototype testing, apps and website testing. Each assignment attracts $10 per task and payment is via PayPal.
Earn Income Answering Questions
Note of Warning
Before you start signing up with any of the above listed websites, we encourage due diligence. We have not personally tried any of them or provide any recommendation.
Never sign up with a company that requests any type of payment to join.
Make sure sensitive personal information is private and read many reviews to decipher legit sites from fraudsters. A Simple precautionary method is to open a new email before signing up with them.
This write-up is just for information purposes and has not endorsed any of them. We will try to join one and offer a review of our finding soon.


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