20 Legitimate Ways to Monetize Your Website

Websites and blogs require serious dedication and effort. Webmasters need to earn income from their endeavors.
The earnings are used for site maintenance, hosting fees, staff and software. They also need funds for personal reasons such as utility bills, internet bundle and rent. 
Generating income through your passion has become a reality with the internet.  The income generation methods are both passive income and active.
Sell the Website
Many webmasters own and administer at least two websites. The reason is because blogging is very addictive and exciting.
You tend to create content based on your passion and interests. Once the novelty begins to wane the administrator is faced with hosting fees, membership fees and domain fees.
You also get bugged down with work schedules and creating quality content. A viable way to make money is to sell one of the sites. There is a huge market for websites and they attract premium prices.
Flip the Website
Another money making method is to purchase a website and flip. A few people use this formula with good results.
They buy a website, develop it and re-sell. With moderate effort, proper SEO the site easily doubles in value within six months.
Flipping Websites
Build an eCommerce Website
Owning an eCommerce store is relatively easy in today’s reality. There are platforms that offer hosting for e-commerce stores.
They feature different templates, free and paid plans. You could add a top domain name or use a sub domain. Top platforms to consider are Shopify and WooCommerce.
Native Advertisement
Use native advertisements to make money through your website. Some advertisement networks offer native advertisement to webmasters. You could attract interest from othe website owners in your niche.
Sponsored Posts
Top websites accept sponsored posts on the site. The customer might provide the post or webmaster write the post.
The customer pays the sum request and posts or features the article. Make sure the post is in line with the content of your site.
Sell EBooks
You could earn monthly checks by selling eBooks. There are three ways to sell ebooks online. You could write the book and sell on KDP or sell directly from your website.
The third method is to sell other peoples books and earn a small percentage. A good place to start is kindle direct publishers or lulu.
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Accept Donations
If you are averse to populating your site with adverts then ask for donations. This method is surprisingly effective and visitors that love your content might wish to donate.
Build a Directory
Build a directory and earn from paid listing. The business form is simple and straight forward. Directories make money through advertisements, subscriptions and listing.
Offer Translation Gigs
IF you are proficient in a foreign language then offer translation services. You would be surprised at the amount of interest.
Build a Membership Website
Membership websites offer special products, discounts or services. A good example is video streaming websites and investment sites.
Offer Consultancy Service
Offer your visitors consultancy services based on your area of expertise. Make sure the service is comprehensive and high quality.
Offer Online Courses
A major player in online courses is udemy.com. The course should be comprehensive and include video, study work and tutorials.
Use Pop up Advertisement
Pop up advertisements are very annoying but effective. A visitor could restrict seeing pop up adverts on his browser. Pop up adverts have very high click through than static adverts.
Sell Digital Products
Selling digital products is another method used by webmaster. You could sell third party products or develop the product yourself. Digital products include eBooks, software, music, templates, digital downloads.
Affiliate Marketing
Monetize your content through affiliate marketing. Join a popular website like Amazon and add products to your content site.
The affiliate provides a unique link that tracks sales. There are hundreds of websites that offer affiliate deals to website owners.
A good place to start is ShareAsale, Commission Junction and Clickbank. The affiliate provides the products or service and executes the orders. You earn a specified amount based on a percentage formula.
Sell Direct Advertisement
Sell advertisement space to potential customers. Big corporations and business owners are eager to advertise and expand.
Sell advertisement space directly to them. This is a very good way of earning huge income.
The more traffic you site generate the higher your fees. Websites that have huge traffic attract good prices.
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Advertisement Network
Pay per click advertisement is the number one monetization method for websites. The advert network show advertisements and the webmaster earns through impressions and clicks.
The top dog is google and the platform is adsense. Each click has a cost value depending on the websites niche.
There are many advertisement networks in the market. They have different terms of service and operation.
Offer Writing Services
Offer visitors writing services and set your own price. Accept assignments or sell them for immediate cash payment.
Sell your Content
You could write new content and offer the articles for sale. If you have huge traffic this method is effective. The only challenge is finding time to create additional content.


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