Earn Cash Payment as an Online Juror

Did you know you can earn small cash payments as an online juror? The online trial experience is served by eJury.
EJury provides attorney opportunities, oath taking and case obligations. The website provides a pre-trial of a real case before it goes to an actual jury or courthouse.
Unlike brick and mortar court cases that involve 12 juries, eJury provides about 50 people. The attorney gets appropriate feedback, examine the case, evidence, and find weaknesses in his case.
The website aids the attorney during jury selection in real courthouse scenarios. Other benefits of this program are offering effective arguments and improvement in submission.
Jury Case
 Case submissions are prepared by the attorney to felicitate prospective, feedback, questions and facts. EJury then post the case at a secure location in html format.
The selected online jury is then notified of the case. The jurors then logs into eJury to review facts answer questions and submit verdict.
The case is closed when the total number of completed verdicts reaches 50. A case summary is then sent to the attorney.
Jury Oath
The jury is mandated to take an oath. You need to complete the sign up process and have special qualifications.
The oath includes no paralegal training, legal assistant or attorney training. Others are no insurance adjustment knowledge or affiliate to liability claims.
They should have no association with an attorney law firm nor related to a practicing attorney.
  • no paralegal training
  • no legal assistant
  • no attorney training
  • no insurance adjustment knowledge
  • affiliate to liability claims.
To work as an online juror you need certain qualifications. You must be 18+ years and above and citizen of United States of America.
Other qualifications are good moral character, ability to read and write and not a convicted felon. The person should not have any misdemeanor, felony charge and indictment.
  • must be 18+ old
  • citizen of United States of America
  • good moral character
  • ability to read and write
  • no criminal convicted
  • no felon or misdemeanor
Payment is done via PayPal and the sum depends on the length of the case. Open to residents in America the number of available cases depends on the member’s location.
For proper accountability each case has the amount payable on the case file. An average 6 page cases could take 30 minutes to complete. And the juror could get an estimated one case per week.


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