Get Paid To Search with the Bing Rewards Program

What is Bing Rewards?
Bing rewards offer residents of America participation in this reward scheme. They allow maximum of one account per individual and five in same household.
The participants earn credit for searches performed using the Bing search tool.  The methods used to search are the desk top computer or Smartphone. Each method attracts different variables and rewards.
A member using a phone is allocated 1 credit every 2 searches and maximum is 10 credits a day. This results in 20 searches to achieve full daily credit. The credit is much higher using desk top computer.
They offer 1 credit for every 2 searches and maximum daily credit of 15 credits. If they use both devices it increases credits to 25 credit limits a day. The mechanism to gain credits search are usually aimed at video searches and image searches.
Bing Reward Tiers
They have different membership tiers based on member’s performance. The membership tiers start from the basic membership, silver then gold member.
Basic members enjoy unrestricted access to available features on bing reward scheme. Silver members are those that achieve 200 lifetime credits. The silver member redeems rewards and access the50% one time bonus.
Gold members are allowed to perform 150 credit searches. Gold members are those that attain 750 lifetime credit.
Members also key into the one-time bonus of 150 credits on referrals. They cap the maximum friends invited to the program to 5.
Why the Bing scheme
Bing uses the reward system to drive traffic through the search tool. They provide awareness to uses on new features, hidden function discovery and various features.
Benefits of the scheme include 525 credits equates at 5 gift cards. The gift cards are usable on different shopping locations.
Other rewards include 1 month subscription to xbox live, skype, hulu and others. They run sweepstakes and offer prices for credits ranging from 15 to 50 credits per entry.
Who should sign up?
You need to be resident in the United States of America. You should be at least 17+ years old. If you carry out hundreds of search a day you are ideal for the program. Earning $5 dollars gift card rewards is not a business opportunity but a leisure activity.


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