Guide to Online Business Opportunities

There are huge business opportunities online for private individuals and investors. The World Wide Web presents a 24/7 marketplace for products and services.
The business is practicable small scale or large scale. It is done full time or part time and applicable to home or an office environment. Here are some online business opportunities to consider.
Information Product Marketing
Selling information is very profitable business venture. The business requires low startup capital and quality products.
An information product consists of valuable resources served through tutorials and books. Other media used in information marketing are videos, course outlines, and podcasts. READ MORE
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Ebay Trade Assistant
EBay trade assistance helps an eBay member sell their product. They stock some of the member’s inventory and sell through sales channels. They earn a percentage of the sales price or other pricing determinants. READ MORE
Start a Dating Service
Love connection websites make tons of money. They earn through membership subscriptions and other value added services. Starting a dating site is relatively easy and requires low startup capital. READ MORE
Blogging for Cash
There are millions of blogs mostly run by private individuals. The blog are built on free or paid host plans. A blog is a personal diary or catalogue of the administrator’s interest. Topics found on blogs are news, entertainment, politics, sports and commerce. READ MORE
Start an eCommerce Website
Apart from blogging or owning a website another alternative is eCommerce website. An eCommerce site has products, prices and description of goods. They also feature a shopping cart for online payment. READ MORE
10 Ways to Make Money from Facebook
Facebook is a social media network with millions of users. They have over a billion visitors to the site.
Many people use the site for social interactions, discussions and finding lost friends. The network could be used to earn regular income. Here are 10 ways to make money on Facebook. READ MORE
A freelancer is a person that provides a service for a fee. There are lots of freelancing websites and employment pool. Different freelance work include graphic design, web development, writing and virtual assistant jobs. READ MORE
Buying and Selling Websites
Buying and selling websites is profitable. The investor could develop the site from scratch or buy an established site. Other purchase options are eCommerce Websites, blogs and domain names. READ MORE
Drop Ship Business
The drop ship business is the back end of an eCommerce store. The store lists products for sale add images and price. On purchase the seller delivers through drop shipment or a third party provider. READ MORE
Open an Etsy Shop
Etsy online marketplace deals with home made craft. The craft market is huge and provides opportunities for small business owners. READ MORE
Join Fiverr
Fiverr is a freelance website where member list services. The services are diverse and at the discretion of the freelancer. Every gig starts at $5 dollars and increase with added services.
Buy and Sell Domain Names
To buy and sell a domain name you need a host company. Select an old domain or create a new domain name. The seller later transfers the domain to the buyer and gets paid. READ MORE
Start an Internet Radio
Internet radios are fast getting popular. There are many business opportunities owning a station. The radio station could be automated or manually run. The investor can start an online radio with $1000 dollar and scale up as the business grows. READ MORE
More Online Business Opportunities
  • Write an eBook
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sell Software  
  • Translation services
  • Online consignment store
  • Service re-seller business
  • Content writer
  • Subscription websites
  • Become a app developer
  • FX business
  • Network marketing
  • Online consultancy


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