Host to Earn Income Answering Questions

It is as simple as it sounds just answer questions and get-paid.  Such websites encourage active participation of experts in different fields and provides answer to different questions.
The experts have an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and appropriate qualifications. Any one willing to work for such sites need to structure answers in a meaningful and fact filled way.
A website that offers this service is justanswer. Founded in 2003 by Andy Kurtzig its headquarters is in San Francisco USA. They offer 24/7 answers to subscribers powered by their pool of freelance experts.
How to Become an Expert
To become an expert on the site you need to pass a review panel. The review is facilitated by a third party panel that verifies the credentials and license of each expert.
Type of experts on justanswer
The general public interested in answers to certain issues has a large pool of experts on justanswer website. The experts cover a huge number of industries.
 Experts include certified computer technicians, doctors and lawyers. Others are nurses, mechanics, veterinarians and ASE Certified technicians.
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They offer answers in different categories to users. Common categories are medical, health, legal, pet, computer and tax. Others include homework, heavy equipment, appraisals, general and engineering.
How it Works
A person signs up for an account and is allowed to ask questions.  They then place a small deposit in their account.
The user then asks a question and is provided an answer form one of the experts allocated by the website. If the answer is satisfactory the website pays the expert a determined sum from the user’s deposit.
The users are encouraged to add a star rating based on the experts response. The user is also allowed to seek another answer if not satisfied with the first response.
The site also has a money back guarantee for unhappy users. The user can only request a refund within 30 days after receiving the answer. The expert gets paid only if the user is satisfied with the answer.
Advantages of becoming one of the Expert
There are many advantages of becoming one of the experts on justanswer. Once approved the person could set preferred working hours and operate from home.
The service is offered through online resources so you need a computer and internet connection. You get to earn doing what you love and providing a valuable service.
How to Join as an Expert
There are three things you need before joining justanswer. You need to have a resume, personal identification such as a driver’s license or social security number.
The last document is certificate, state operational license or diploma. To join their pool of experts you go through a 3 step application.
The first step is to select a category. You are allowed to apply to as many categories as you like.
The second step is to upload your work history, education and resume. The category you chose will determine the requirements.
Earn Potential
According to the company top experts earn about $1000+ USD monthly.


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