How Musicians, Industry Professionals Leverage on Music Xray Fan Acquisition Platform

Music Xray provides commercial opportunities from musicians, industry professionals and fans. They aid the decision making process through fan engagement regarding songs.
The help industrial players make appropriate choices based on fan output. The website has specialized tools to optimize, organize and streamline results on music delivery.
They create a level field based on talent, output and credibility of the musician. The site offers targeted campaigns towards fan involvement, listening and fan based impute. It is a cost effective measure used to convert listeners to dedicated fans.
Music Xray
Music Xray is the number one industrial leading fan and talent filter. They are trusted leading fan acquisition platform and select over 1000 songs monthly.
They have over 15,000 new fan connections monthly and selection predictions. Other services include detailed analytics of musician traction and progress.
They provide fan targeting, matching and accommodate different music genre and styles. Visitors can browse opportunities sign up as music artist, music fan or music industrial professional.

  • talent filter
  • leading fan acquisition platform
  • select over 1000 songs monthly
  • have over 15,000 new fan connections monthly
  • detailed analytic
  • musician traction and progress
  • provide fan targeting
  • matching
  • accommodate different music
  • visitors can browse opportunities
Services for Musicians
Musicians can benefit from music xray service in various ways. The musician gets new fan base, aids the creative process and gets deals. Musician using the tool need to put their best music forward.
  • Acquire new fan base
  • aids creative process
  • gets deals
Service for Fans
The fans have a large data base to discover new music. they find music streamlined and targeted to their individual tastes. The website sends notifications and alerts to fans and are compensated for listening. They signup for free and get connected to SoundCloud.
  • large data base
  • discover new music
  • music streaming and targeted
  • get  notifications and alerts
  • financial compensated for listening
Services for Industrial Professionals
Industrial professionals in the music industry use the site to find business opportunities. the find raw music talents and have access to fan engagement data. They also discover  potential hit music and songsters.How to Open a Music School
  • find business opportunities
  • raw music talents
  • access to fan engagement data
  • discover potential hit music
  • discover songsters


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