How to Add a Guarantee Trust Bank Account in Google Adsense

The popular google adsense introduced international wire transfer. Webmasters in different countries can receive direct deposits to their accounts.
The system is conducive and payment reflects within two days once transferred. This method is better than checks sent through mailing accounts.  
Africans especially Nigerians could implement the payment system easily. The system works with top banks in the country and you need a domiciliary account.
The SWIFT Code highlighted below is for Nigerian GTB Nigeria. However other countries should approach their bank for the SWIFT code.
How to Open a USA Bank Account
payment schedule

Domiciliary Account
To receive ETF/Wire transfer the first step is to open a domiciliary account. The account should be dollar based. The money is then transferred and your receive into your bank account.
Payment Threshold
To receive payment your account must reach a payment threshold of $100. The network pays publishers by the 21st or 26th of each month.
Setting the Account
To change or add a payment setting sign into your Adsense account then proceed to Payment>Setting. To successful add your account you need your Banks SWIFT code and Domiciliary GTB account number.
How to Add the Account
  • Sign into the account
  • Go to Payment
  • Payment setting
  • Add New payment method
Fill the form as indicated below.
Account holder name             Tony   London
Bank name                                Guarantee Trust Bank
SWIFT-BIC                                 GTBINGLA       
Account Number                     1234567890
RE-Type Account Number    1234567890
In account holder Section write your NAME, Bank name GUARANTEE Trust Bank. In the SWIFT-BIC section write GTBINGLA. Account number section-add your domiciliary account number.
You are at liberty to ignore or fill the intermediary bank details. The next step is to set the ETF as the primary payment method.  SAVE
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