How to Become a Secret Shopper

An estimated value of mystery shopping industry is over $700 million in America. The information gathered is used to define standards, provide recommendation, improvement and incentives.
Mystery shopping is an effective data gathering tool by marketers. The marketers conduct research by engaging a pool of mystery consumers or shoppers.
The technique is highly effective in quality control, pricing and customer behavior. The statistic is then used to improve services, introduce products or upgrade. The internal watchdog is to gather information on specific products and services.
Companies that Provide Mystery Shopping Services
There are some companies that specialize in mystery shopping services. Top companies are advertisement agencies, marketing research companies and non profit organizations. Others include commercial banks, churches, housing associations and conglomerates.
  • advertisement agencies
  • marketing research companies
  • non profit organizations
  • commercial Banks
  • churches
  • housing associations
  • conglomerates
What Tasks are performed by a Mystery Shopper?
Mystery shoppers are usually private individuals or group outings. The shopper is mandated to carry out specific tasks.
The tasks are product behavior, pricing, and product visibility. They use a checklist, ask questions, and purchase products.
Once the functions are completed they provide the principle feedback or detailed report. The shopper earns rewards, coupons and cash payment.
There are many online and offline companies that hire mystery shoppers. Popular online websites are inteli shop, market force, and Best Mark.
Survey Model
The shopper is guided by a pre-written survey model. A mystery shopping service provider develops a document based on the hiring company’s recommendations.
The document is primarily to measure certain indexes and consumer behavior. The document is usually made up of two parts.
The document features assignments and survey instruments. Survey parameters are type of product shoppers enquires about, number of employees and store cleanliness.
Other parameters are product price, service delivery employees behavior , store appearance and professionalism. The survey parameters are based on the client’s expectations.
  • type of product shoppers buys
  • enquires
  • number of employees
  • store cleanliness
  • product price
  • service delivery
  • employees behavior
  • store appearance
  • professionalism
  • clients expectations.
Actionable Instructions
Actionable practices include procurement of item and create scenarios to test the shops response. Other practices are measurements, photographs and service delivery.
The shopper presents themselves as regular customers to properly evaluate the store. Once all the data is collated they present the information to their employers. Most mystery shoppers are regular people offering relevance service.
  • procurement of item
  • create scenarios
  • test the shops response
  • measurements
  • photographs
  • service delivery
  • evaluate the store
Tools Used by Mystery Shopper
The mystery shopper is furnished with different tools to carry out the assessment and testing. Primary tools include smartphone’s, cameras, questioners and surveys. Other tools are audio recorder, list of stores and scanner, label reading app.
  • assessment and testing
  • smartphone’s
  • cameras
  • questioners
  • surveys
  • audio recorder
  • scanner
  • label reading app
Mystery Shopping Venues
Specific industries and venues are ideal for this service. Common locations are retail stores, malls, supermarkets, open market and bars. Other locations are car dealerships, gas stations, fast food outlets, hotels and movie theaters.


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