How to Design a Customized T-shit and Sell on Teespring

There are two ways to design and sell custom T-shirts. You could procure the shirts, design the graphics and print offline.
The other method is using an online service provider like Teespring. The website offers a complete package and design creator tool.
You can design your own products and customize. Their marketplace feature only unique products by independent creators. The products are high quality, unique and customized.
Teespring Website Features
Teespring has a training center and track orders. They featured products in categories such as Phone cases and Tote bags. Others categories include apparels, accessories, mugs and home décor.
Types of phone cases are digital art, funny, textured and camo. Apparels are hobbies, holidays, trending, Halloween, patriotic and sports. Shoppers are encouraged to search popular brand created by members.
man wearing t-shirt
  • Phone cases
  • Tote bags
  • Apparels
  • Accessories
  • Mugs
  • home décor
Teespring Services
Teespring offers their members a platform to design their own products. The user can set their own prices, procure T-shirts and sell.
Other services provided by the website are customer service, production of the designs and shipping. They deal with printing, shipping, handling and payment.
  • platform to create designs
  • set prices
  • procure T-shirts
  • customer services
  • shipping
  • printing
  • product handling
  • payment
How it Works
Once you sign up with the site you can start creating the design.  You create the design and launch the product.
Design the product using the design tool to create image, and text designs. You also set the price and goals for the sales.
The product is then printed on demand within the stipulated time frame. To facilitate sales all you need to do is send people to your sales page.
 A buyer then purchases the product and payment credited to your account. Some users collect earnings while others prefer donating the sum to charity.


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