How to Earn Huge Cash Back with Ebates

Ebates is a shopping portal that offers coupons and cash back deals. Based in San Francisco the website was launched in 1999.
Ebates offers its members cash back for online shopping. Just by signing up with the site you get a 10 gift card.
Every item purchased online through their channels attracts cash back options. The offer covers diverse items from electronic, food, home tool and kitchen utensils. Join the website and search cash back stores, products and coupons.
About Ebates
Ebates feature triple cash back stores, hot deals in-store cash back and collections. They offer members best coupons, promotion codes and sales. They even have refer-a friend and earn up to $50.
How Ebates Work
A shopper order through Ebates from their favorite store and earns cash back. Membership is free and subscribers get up to 40% cash back on almost all purchases.
The company is affiliated with 2000+ stores with cash back deals. They offer over 10,000+ coupons to aid savings.
All Stores Category
The category on offer is huge and covers office supplies, flowers, gifts, digital media and books. Others categories include cloths, shoes, handbags, electronics and toys. More include restaurants, garden tools, beauty products, travel and vacation.
Some Cash Back Partners
They partner with over 2000 stores such as eBay 5.0 cash back, Sephora 4.0 cash back and Wal-Mart. Others are Amazon up to 3.0 cash back, JCPenne 9.0 cash back and KOHL’s. more are target, priceline, oldnavy and bestbuy among others.
Cash Back Saving
Apart from earning cash back saving there are other earning options. A member can refer friends and family and receive special cash bonuses.
The referee also benefits and receives a cash bonus once they purchase an item. The largesse keeps getting better 3% cash back on Ebates cash back visa credit card. And everywhere the visa cards are accepted they offer 1% cash back
Steps to using Ebates
The steps to getting on their platform are easy. First sign up for a free membership shop through Ebates at favorite stores.
The person then earns cash back on most purchases. Products they offer include cash back button and mobile apps.
The app is android, iPod touch and iPhone compliant. The app features push notification, social sharing, deal board and one click price comparison.


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