How to Earn Income with Paid Focus Groups

Focus groups provide spare cash and cannot generate full time income. Focus groups generally screen out those who have participated in more than one focus group per season.
So making realistic extra cash is very difficult. To get regular engagement signup with online market research companies.
The companies provide similar work such as secret shopper and product testing. You can find focus groups on Craigslist or apply to local groups.
There are some websites that have focus group such as 20/20 panel, Adler Weiner Research and FocusGroup. Others are plaza research, Nichols research and MindSwarms.
What Are Consumer Focus Groups
Focus groups are group oriented discussions on a particular subject matter. They are primarily aimed at market research to obtain opinions of consumers. Initiated by companies they pay participants handsomely for their time and impute.
Why Conduct a Focus Group
The reason for such sessions is unadulterated information. Focus groups provide useful insight to products or services.
Manufacturers use focus groups to gain feedback on new or existing products. The opinion and data collected are used to improve the product and marketability.
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Who Organizes Focus Groups
Focus Groups are organized by business owners, manufacturing companies and conglomerates. Others are market research organizations, non government organizations, marketers and survey companies. It provides an unbiased platform for candid discussions and interactions between consumers and producers.
How is Focus Group Organized?
A person generally applies to become a member of a focus group. You could find advertisements online and off.
Application into these groups is tough and difficult to join. Joining any focus group is absolutely free so any body asking for payment is a fraud.
Focus groups are demography based and require local residents of a particular area or institution. Focus groups generally comprise about 10- 20 members.
The session is moderated by a representative and secretly observed by a third party. They sometime record the season for further scrutiny. Online focus groups are also gaining huge reputation based on the unbiased views of unseen participants.
Duration of Focus Groups
Although the duration differs an attendant could earn $100-$200 for the session. It involves discussions and long sessions of conversation. 
Focus group screen takes a considerable amount of time. The process involves answering multiple questions, filing out personal information and even taking a small quiz. The entry requirement and method of choosing participants differ and is at the discretion of the convener.


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