How to Get Paid for Tweets on PaidPerTweet

Twitter has over 100 million users posting 300 million tweets a day. The social network is very popular and a brand leader.
There are lots of monetize opportunities for twitter users. You need a huge number of followers to cash in on this opportunity.
A popular destination is PaidPerTweet website open to advertisers and twitter users. They offer advertisers access to millions of influential twitter users with millions of followers.
Advantages for Advertiser and Twitter Users
There are loads of advantages for advertisers and twitter users. They include premium earning, visibility, promotion and increased traffic.
The Advertiser
The advertiser has direct access to top influencer's in the twitter community. The twitter engages and reaches followers through tweets.
Paid Tweets help brands go viral by notifying huge number of followers. They create instant social interest and traffic for the advertiser.
  • direct asses to top influencers
  • twitter engages
  • help brands go viral
  • create instant social interest
  • traffic for the advertiser
The Twitter User
The twitter user gets paid handsomely for this service. They set their own prices and help companies gain lots of exposure for their product or service. PaidPerTweet is an effective and easy strategy to monetize your social network account.
  • Paid handsomely
  • set their own prices
  • gain lots of exposure
  • easy monetize strategy
Type of Tweet Jobs
The types of tweet assignments differ according to the advertiser’s choice.  The tweet jobs are products, services and promotions.
Others include press release and website links. To succeed you need a minimum of 10,000+ followers to attract advertisers. The higher the number of followers you have the higher your pricing.
  • Products
  • Services
  • Promotions
  • press release
  • website links
Twitter Users Eligibility
The moderators of the website accept certain types of twitter users. The user needs at least 10,000 followers although useful this is not a hard and fast rule.
We have noticed users with 0 followers to millions of followers on the site.  Twitters that have websites or blogs are highly favored by advertiser because of the better coverage. The twitter user needs to engage the followers both on twitter and their blogs.
Twitter user has the option to monetize their followers by creating a buzz around a product or service. You set your own price and can easily make $20 to $1000.
The number of tweets per day is also a determinant on the price you set. The follower’s niche also determines the advertiser’s choice of service.
How it Works
The first step is to join the website and get automatic verification. Once you get a job tweet then share the tweets URL with PaidPerTweet. This is to verify the job completion and to get paid. An Advertiser funds their account and are allowed to hire multiple twitters.


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