How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

The worldwide web has provided serious money making opportunities for writers. It accommodates both amateurs and professional wordsmiths.
The internet is a huge storehouse of information in contextual form, videos, and images. You find lots of entertainment, news, business, music and fun activities.
There are two major routes to earn form your writing. You could work for an established media company or freelance.
Working for an established company involves gainful employment and a salary scale while freelancers are basically self-employed.
Why Freelancing
There are many advantages and disadvantages to freelance writing. The advantages include time flexibility, part time or full time schedule.
You set your own target, freedom to choose assignment and good monetary remunerations. You are at liberty to choose any topic of interest and work from home.
You can work from anywhere in the world and receive payment through payment portals or EFT. The disadvantages include finding credible writing jobs, and serious competition.
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Things to Consider
You need serious discipline, hard work and dedication to succeed. Writing is no bed of roses and you should have passion for the business.
Before offering your services you need to develop your writing skill. Writing blog posts, tutorials, business plans or e-books require different disciplines and writing styles.  
Make sure your grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary are on point. Online learning resources are found on websites such as Daily Blog Tips, Copyblogger and Daily Writing Tips.
Writing Tools
To start an online freelance writing business you need certain equipment. You need a laptop or desk top computer.
Purchase a printer, scanner and modem for internet access. Or alternately use your Smartphone’s wifi hotspot to connect the laptop to the internet. Other tools are stationeries such as notepad, pen and pencils.
As a freelance writer you need to find different topics of interest. Focus on topics that you have a fair knowledge of the subject matter.
Popular topics found online are entertainment, sports, how-to- topics, business and contemporary news. You find short stories, reviews, poetry, personal issues, health and advertorials.
Writing Opportunities
Ghost Blogging
Ghost blogging involves creating content for blogs. Ghost bloggers are paid to write on certain topics and are paid for the publication.
They are not credited for the article or own the copyright. Ghost bloggers are contacted to write reviews, advertisements and blog posts.
Adsense Revenue Sharing Website
A good place to start is writing for a revenue sharing website. You own the copyright to your work and can move them out of the website at anytime.
The sites provide an authors page and sharing formula for advertisement. Such sites are usually monetized through adsense and affiliate links. Sign up with the number one adsense revenue sharing website Here 
Create a Blog
One of the most effective ways to cash in on your writing talent is creating your own blog. The blog could be self hosted/shared host or on a free host platform.
To succeed as a blogger you need original content, quality posts and lots of content. Bloggers earn from traffic, and viewers engagement.
Monetize the blog through adsense, affiliate programs or sell products on your site. A free hosting site to create a blog is blogger and they accommodate blog advertisement. Learn How to start a profitable blog
Guest Blogger
A guest blogger does not earn income form their posts. A guest blogger writes articles for a blog of choice and benefits from exposure and traffic.
You gain credibility, new subscribers, exposure and valuable traffic to your blog or landing page.
Write e-books
E-books are popular and a veritable way to earn regular income. The best place to create your eBook is Amazons KDP.
Creating an eBook is no rocket science it’s easy to do and execute. You need to create the content on a topic of choice in pdf. You upload the content and create a cover. Some sell e-books through email as pdf files. Learn more about kindle direct publishing
Sell your Articles
There are many websites that pay instant cash for articles. They writer is paid $50 per article when published or accepted on such site.
You need to pitch your article to the webmaster or editor of the site. They take into consideration, originality, vocabulary and efficacy of the writer.
Other things they consider are word count and subject matter. Here are 60 websites that pay $50+ per post
Do article Assignments
There are websites that offer writers assignments. However the third party needs to accept the work or you don’t get paid.
The assignments are presented to the members and you are at liberty to choose topic relevant to your expertise. If you can follow instructions and write 350-600 word article assignments visit
Write Reviews
You can make cool cash writing reviews for cash. However you need a popular site that attracts huge traffic.
Those seeking reviews want to leverage on the popularity of the site. There are different types of reviews such as product review, book review, and affiliate reviews.
Write Business Plans
If you know how to write business plans you can earn good money. Entrepreneurs, investors and small business owners require business plans.
You could focus on local market or international clients. Offer your services on your blog, fiverr or freelancer. Here is How to write a business plan
Freelance Writing Opportunities
1. Write reviews
2. Guest blogging
3. Write fan fiction
4. Use paid posts
5. Build a blog
6. Enter writing contests
7. Write business plans
8. Sell articles
9. Create eBooks
10.Become a copywriter
11Sign up with content sites
12.Self publish your book


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