How to Sell Your Articles for Cash

One of the best ways to make money online is to sell articles. The World Wide Web has over 30 million websites and blogs including billions of content.
There are several ways to sell articles based on the writer’s content. Some strategies attract high premium prices while others low but consistent income.
The competition is fierce because of the number of writers servicing the same marketplace. To succeed you need to develop your writing skill, vocabulary and technique..
There is no substitute for hard-work, focus and dedication to your craft. There are many ways to approach selling articles with varied results. Some writers earn thousands of dollars online with their article while others struggle for cents.
Who Needs Content?
The list of companies, private individuals and groups seeking valuable content is huge. Those that seek content are website owners, advertisement agencies, blog masters and eBook markets. Others are magazines, online newspaper and content farms
How to Sell Articles for Hard Cash
We will examine several ways to sell your articles for hard cash. You could sell the article directly or through a third party.
Pitch the Article
The first way is to pitch the article to an established website. There are a huge number of establish websites willing to pay top dollar for your articles.
To get your article through the door you need to pitch the content to the editor or web curator. Interestingly the websites pay upfront or based on impressions after the articles are featured.
The average payout on such sites ranges from $50-$600 per article. They usually have specified minimum word count ranging from 1500-3000 words.
Its difficult getting on board however quality content based on the niche of the website is the best approach.  A top website that pays for content is listverse. Are you interested in such sites then here is a list of 60 websites that pay 50+ dollars per article.
Sell to Magazines
A smart way is to sell your article to niche magazines. Focus on websites with content in line with your interests.
You could focus on magazine/newspapers that cater to specific markets. A new comer could pitch articles to medium sized websites with lots of traffic.
Sell Articles through Third Party
If you are not interested in pitching content to websites then sell through a third party. The third party accepts content and features it on their website.
The website features only a snippet or summary of the article uploaded to their website. Most websites in this category allows writers set their own prices.
They in turn are paid a percentage of the sales when an order is executed. A top website to consider is Constant-Content.
Customers can order custom content, buy content or search for images. The content are categorized into arts, business, general, home, merchandising, recreation, health and lifestyle. Others are technology, sports, society, science, relationship and regional.
Sell Private Label Articles
There are two ways to sell private label articles. You purchase from a third party and sell or develop your own articles.
Private Label Rights content are commonly sold by webmasters and marketers. PLR confers on the buyer the right of attribution, distribution and resale.
The buyer can even modify the content and sell as an e-book. PLR articles are sold in bundles usually 10 articles at a low price.
The bundles could sell from $3.99-$10 per bundle. These types of bundles are sold many times to different buyers.
How to Make Money As a Freelance Writer
Sell through your Website or Blog
The easiest method is to create a website or blog and sell your articles. On the website place a snippet or summary of the content you want to sell. 
Make it easy for your visitors to purchase the article or download the content. Accept payment through PayPal or any other online payment solutions.
A good way to earn top dollar is to sell the exclusive rights. Exclusive right articles attract sums ranging from $10-$100. You retain all the profit from the sales and set your own prices.
To succeed using this method your website should have tons of traffic. Write quality posts to showcase your proficiency and attract organic traffic. You can use classified websites and advertisement to drive people to your blog.

 The Pros and Cons of Selling Articles for Cash
There are many ways writers earn money online. They could start a blog or contribute articles to content farms. Other ways include guest blogging, writing reviews, writing articles for clients and selling them.
The strategy the writer deploys would equate to high or low earnings. The competition between writers is fierce and many are willing to work for less pay.
To succeed develop your writing skill, vocabulary and style. Most writers struggle to earn decent pay while top writers earn 1000+ dollars monthly.
The Pros of Selling Articles for Cash
  • Selling articles for cash is one of the best ways to earn online
  • Top notch articles attract good prices
  • Writers could choose any topic of choice
  • There is a huge market for articles
  • The length of the article matters
The Cons of Selling Articles for Cash
  • You lose the authorship of the article
  • There is huge competition among writers
  • There are very few places to sell articles
  • Many writer offer buyers private label rights
Who Needs Articles?
The need for quality content is huge and competitive. There are lots of platforms that need content.
Top on the list are websites, blogs, content farms and magazines. Others are newspaper publications and advertisers.
Writers willing to sell articles need to pitch the work. They can signup on a website that buys articles and submit for appraisal. Such sites base their payment structure on word count. The median sum paid for articles is $75 per 1000 word article.
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • content farms
  • magazines
  • newspaper publications
  • advertisers
Where to Sell Articles
Sell your articles to newspaper publications and magazines. Other places are top blogs, web masters or through third party sites.
A third party site would sell your article to anyone interested in the topic. They earn a percentage of the sales and auto delivers to customers. Many allow writers set their own prices while others regulate the prices.
Popular Topics
Some topics perform better than others and attract good sales. Popular topics are religion, society, technology, relationship. Others are sports, merchandising, business and home business.
Some writers sell their work using private label rights. The rights have to do with redistribution, attribution, resale and other parameters.
A writer could produce a bunch of articles and sell. A better alternative is to sell the article through your blog or website. To get full value offer buyers exclusive rights to the article.


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