How to Start a Dating or Matchmaking Website

The job description of a dating service is to facilitate connections between people seeking love or relationship. The websites provide a place for self expression, contact, communication and connection.
The user finds people they are compatible with or future partners. Dating sites are generally for single people or those seeking new friendships.
The matchmaking industry records an estimated sale of over 1 billion worldwide. The industry is huge and highly competitive.
Most operations are run by independent small business owners. They offer tailored services to specific markets.
Despite the impersonal nature of online dating sites many people have found love, relationship and marriage. The matchmaker charges an annual fee for upgrades and special services.
They make money through registration, subscription and phone number disclosure. The type of services they offer depends on their focus and business template.
Why use a Matchmaking Service
Why do people use a matchmaking service? The service caters to different type of people and provides information on possible match.
Busy people have no time for relationships and prefer using an agency. Another major attraction is the worldwide appeal and widespread of members.
Functions of a Matchmaking Service
The matchmaker’s duty is to create a conductive environment for interaction between members. They bring people together by introduction questioners and surveys.
This allows like minded individuals find themselves. A member registers and answers questioners based on the person’s interests, profession and purpose.
How to Start a Dating or Matchmaking Business
There are different types of matchmaking business. You have the physical matchmaking service or online matchmakers.
Terrestrial Matchmakers
Physical matchmakers are terrestrial and location based. They conduct their business from an official location.
They accept members and connect them to other members or organize events. Most of them have websites to attract more members.
The business requires incorporation, licensing and a permit. They are also mandated to provide a safe environment for interaction of members.
How to Start a Speed Dating Business
Online Dating Services
Online matchmakers work exclusively online. They provide a platform for interaction of members.
People register on the site, provide personal information and meet potential partners. The service providers earn through membership subscriptions and upgrades. They include special services such as telephone number exchange, contact info, premium listing and photographs.
Mode of Interaction
The mode of interaction is determined by the facilitator. You may decide to hire a venue and invite members for speed dating, setup dates or organize outing.
Physical matchmakers meet the members and store personal information of such individuals.
Prepare a Contract
Prepare a contract that highlights your term of service. Specify your services, programs and other provisions. The contract should provide protection and confidentiality of member’s personal information.
How to Start a Dating or Matchmaking Website
Conduct Research
You need a matchmaking business plan and feasibility study. Make sure you include a comprehensive study of the industry.
Study what other dating services offer their members. Understand the pricing system, services and management.
 Find out why people use such dating sites and their purpose. Fashion your product or service in line with the niche market of choice.  Offer members a unique experience and innovative services.
How to Start a Matchmaking Business
Focus on Demography
Focus on a demography based on qualifications, ethnicity, work experience, age group and location. The dating website should offer experiences in specific areas such as friendship, love, marriage and casual relationship.
The site could cater to teenagers, spinsters, divorces or women above 50. Some dating sites target specific professions or ethnicity.
  • Qualifications
  • Ethnicity
  • work experience
  • age group
  • location
Matchmaking Questioner
As a matchmaking service you need a questioner. The questioner provides an insight to the person’s character interests and goals.
The questioner should cover interests, education, experience and preferences. Others are age of the person, ethnicity, location and purpose of joining the dating site.  
The matchmaking service uses the answers to profile the individual. The matchmakers use the information to find people who are compatible.
They then send the details to a member for introductions. The member choosing who to interact with and might decide to set a date. This service is sometimes facilitated by the matchmaker
How to Setup an Online Matchmaking Website
Choose a Domain Name
To setup your website you need to choose a domain name. There are many host providers and marketplaces to buy one.
Make sure the domain name has keyword that describes your services. Register the domain name and buy hosting plan.  There are many host providers like Godaddy, HostGator or NameCheap.
Build the Website
Make sure the website you build is highly responsive and search engine optimized. Purchase premium templates or hire a web developer to build the site.
The website should be easy to navigate, attractive and fun. Introduce added value features for a robust experience.
Before going live make sure every aspect of the website works perfectly. Test the feature, navigation and services.
Use different marketing strategies to attract traffic to the website. Use advertisement networks, social media and classified websites.
You could add a blog to the site and write quality posts. Advertise in newspapers, magazines and radio. Physical matchmakers could use traditional methods such as flyers, billboards, posters and business cards.


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