How to Start a Flower Gardening Business in Nigeria

Nigeria is blessed with good sunny weather ideal for gardening. However private individuals hardly pay any attention to their immediate environment.
This has encouraged small business owner’s cash in one this sector by offering their services. The job is labor intensive and not for the faint heart.
Startup cost is low and anyone with horticultural knowledge can offer this service. The job is ideal for unemployed graduates, students and young adults.
Types of Gardens
There are different kinds of gardens to consider. The service you offer depends on the niche, labor, soil composition and plants.
The four major categories of gardens are flower, herbs and vegetable gardens. We also have a mix of different plants in a garden.
  • Flower gardens
  • Herb gardens
  • vegetable gardens
  • mixed garden
The Practice of Gardening
The practice of gardening involves developing the skill, choosing a niche and patch of ground. You can grow seasonal plants, vegetables or flowering plants. Most small scale gardeners prefer flowering plants based on preference by private and public customer sector.
Learn the Trade
Learn the trade and invest in skill acquisition. Try working as an apprentice to a gardener, read books and attend garden shows. Use online resources to gain knowledge and practice the craft. 
How to Start a Flowering Business
Select a Parcel of Land
It is not on common to see small gardens along the highway or streets in Lagos. Most of these little gardens are managed by gardeners.
They seek permission from local authorities then cordon a small section and plant flowers. The mini plots are strategically selected for maximum exposure.
The reason is to attract pedestrians and vehicle owners to the site. Majority of local gardeners use this simple system to attract patronage.
The basic technique employed by small scale gardeners is visual advertisement. They print a small sign board with the inscription 'gardener here' or 'buy flowers'. This method is cost effect and does not require much cash.
Equipment and Security
To avoid theft of flower pots the gardener usually invests in cast block pots. They are heavy and cumbersome to move.
The reason is because the gardens are very public without visible barriers. Sometimes they introduce low barbed wiring fences.
Basic equipment’s are flower pots, hand gardening tools, shovels, rakes. Others are wheelbarrows, sac bags, gloves, boots, knee pads and straw hat.
  • flower pots
  • hand gardening tools
  • shovels
  • rakes
  • wheelbarrows
  • sac bags
  • gloves
  • boots
  • knee pads
  • straw hat
Licenses and Permits
If you choose to use an open space you need local government permit. Gardeners generally get by without any real form of business registration.
We advice you register a business name and incorporate as a sole proprietorship establishment. Without incorporation you are limited to residential houses and not government establishments.
You need tax identification number and insurance cover. Visit a reputable insurance firm and find out the type of insurance you need.
  • business name
  • sole proprietorship
  • tax identification number
  • insurance cover
Garden Business Customers
Your primary customers are residential houses, estate developers, schools, churches and mosques. Other customers are government locations, tertiary and financial institutions.
  •  residential homes
  • estate developers
  • schools
  • churches and mosques
  • government
  • tertiary
  • financial institutions
Set your prices according to the size of the plot, labor and type of plants. Other parameters include transportation costs, pots, fertilizer and type of service.
Many gardeners charge for maintenance of the garden. You can start a garden business with $300 (N100, 000).
Adequate marketing is important to the survival of the business. Print flyers, poster and sign boards to attract patronage.
An effective tool is word of mouth and referrals. Some gardeners also pay for a small publication in local news papers.


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