How to Start a Packaging Company

Commercial packaging companies have lots of patronage. Most manufacturing companies use packaging to protect, distribute and store the products.
Products are packaged to facilitate easy warehousing, sales and logistics.  Manufacturing company’s provide in-house packaging or outsource.
Small business owners interested in the packaging needs to select a niche. The niche would guide the entrepreneur on type of equipment, raw materials and location.

Why Packaging
Packaging is essential for easy transportation, warehousing and handling. It provides protection, information and preserves the product.
Other reasons for packaging include barrier protection, physical protection, labeling and marketing. The method provides better portion control, security and convenience. Packaging is in high demand and small packaging companies make lots of money.
package boxes
Types of Packaging
Different types of packaging are glass to store liquids or beverages. You have cardboard for wrapping, brick carton, aluminum tins and plastic containers.
Paper packaging is common and includes corrugated boxes, paperboard cartons, and paper bags.
  • cardboard for wrapping
  • brick carton
  • aluminum tins
  • plastic containers 
  • corrugated boxes
  •  paperboard cartons 
  • paper bags
Packaging Raw Materials
There are different types of raw materials use in package making. The type of package is determined by the design, raw material and function.
Common materials used to manufacture packages are glass, polypropylene and paperboard. Other materials are paper, plastic, corrugated fiberboard, low density polyethylene and bubble wrap.
More include aluminum foil, shrink wrap, jute, strapping, cellophane and corrugated plastic
Reasons for Packaging
  • Portion control
  • Product security
  • Convenience
  • Marketing
  • Labeling
  • Physical handling
  • Barrier protection
  • Easy transportation
  • Easy warehousing
Packaging Equipment
There are various types of packaging used in different industries. Industries that require packaging include beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemical.
Others are cosmetic, commodity and food industry. The equipment depends on the product and packaging requirements.
Full range of packaging machinery and systems are shrink wrap machines, bottling equipment, capping machines or corrugated box machine.
 Others are cartooning machine, labelers, sieving machines, sealing machines, and stretch wrapping 
Packaging Machines
  • Pallet Wrapping Machines
  • Palletizing Equipment
  • Case Packers
  • Automatic Case Erector and Box forming Machine
  •  Edge Sealing Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealer
  • Uniform case sealer
  • End of line packaging equipment
  • Flexible packaging machine
  • Specialty packaging equipment
Packaging Company Licenses
Write a packaging business plan and carry out a feasibility study. Register the business as a limited liability company or sole proprietor.
You need a trade license and manufacturer’s license. Get an employer tax identification number and liability insurance. 
It is essential you secure supply contracts for your packages. The more popular brands offer higher patronage.
Focus on the manufacturing sector such as canned food, drinks and beverages. Advertise on television, newspapers, radio or print medium.
Build a website to feature your packaging products.  use online advertisements, classified websites and quality posts to drive traffic to your website.


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