How to Start a Profitable Palm Wine Bar

Palm wine is an alcoholic beverage common to south eastern and western parts of Nigeria. The sweet, sour test is delicious and refreshing.
Palm wine business is profitable and easy to establish. There are very few competitors except hard liquor hangouts. The business template is simple however sourcing the product is slightly challenging. Startup capital is low and you need to know your product.
Different Types of Palm Wine Businesses
There are different types of palm wine related businesses. You could grow the palm tree or become a palm wine tapper.
Others are wholesale, retail, distribution and opening a drinking joint. If you have the resources you could focus on bottling the product.  
person drinking palm wine
By Nick Hobgood Peace Corps Zaire,CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Palm Wine Businesses
  • palm wine tapper
  • wholesale
  • retail distribution
  • drinking joint
  • Bottling the Product
  • export   
Importance of Palm Wine
The brew is commonly found in beer parlors, bars, restaurants and supermarkets.  Palm wine is served on special occasions, events and ceremonies. It is use in traditional ceremonies, traditional marriages, funerals and engagement parties.
  • Job creation
  • served on special occasions
  • events
  • ceremonies
  • traditional ceremonies
  • traditional marriages
  • funerals
  • Engagement parties.
Write a Business Plan
Write a palm wine bar business plan and carry out a feasibility study. The plan should focus on location, funding and sourcing the products. Others are customer demography, securing a license and purchase of equipment.
Make sure you select an ideal location for your bar. The location should be visible in a highly commercial area.
Popular locations are close to artisans, commercial area or residential areas. Rent a small shop in a busy area especially close to beer parlors.
Palm Wine Bar Equipment
The bar requires some basic equipment to function optimally.  You need a good sized refrigerator or freezer and benches.
Purchase plastic storage units, drinking cups and water jugs. Make sure you decorate the joint appropriately. Equip the bar with a television set, electric fan and soft music.
  • refrigerator
  • freezer
  • benches
  • Plastic Chairs
  • Tables
  •  plastic storage units
  • drinking cups
  • calabash
  • water jugs
  • television set
  • electric fan
  • music system
Sourcing the Product
You need a credible source for the product. Bars located in rural areas have lots of suppliers unlike those in urban locations.
However urban dwellers pay higher premium for the delicious brew. Make sure the supplier provides high quality wine.
The only license you need is a liquor license and trade license. Make sure you pay your taxes to the state government and join bar owners association. Don’t forget to register a business name.
The business is location specific and requires on-site advertisement. Place a signboard in front of the bar to attract customers.
Sell high quality unadulterated palm wine to your customers. Play local music that the customers can identify with.
Increase income by including fried meat, fish, local fast food delicacies and pepper soup.  Palm Wine bars sell local dishes like goat head, Abacha, vegetable meat and Nkwobi. Hire a sales girl and provide light entertainment.


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