Starting an Air Duct Cleaning Business

An Air Duck Cleaning professional removes dirt and debris from commercial and residential buildings. A clean duct reduces dust, filters air, improves heating system and provides longevity.
The indoor air quality market offers practitioners profitability because of increased growth in patronage. The professionals use duct cleaning equipment and high performance filters to provide the service.
Commercial buildings with heavy human traffic require regular maintenance of ducts. Practitioners are contacted to remove coagulated dirt, debris, mildew and dust.
Investors interested in the business should consider training, purchase of quality equipment and hiring experienced staff.
Air Duct Technician
Why Start an Air Duct Cleaning Business
There are lots of reasons why you should consider air duct cleaning business. The practitioners provide valuable service, and health benefits to customers.
The business is easy to establish and requires basic equipment. It is highly lucrative and practicable full time or part time. There are also franchise opportunities, low overhead costs and provisions for ancillary services.
There are a few challenges that come with this industry. It is essential you acquire technical training on proper use and application of equipment.
The amount of patronage depends entirely on your geographical location. And you need experienced staff for better efficiency. Startup costs depend on your business template such as lease or purchase equipment.
Training Opportunities
To become an HVAC inspector, cleaner or restorer you need practical training and certification. You must pass an ASCS examination that covers field experience, mechanical, safety and indoors air quality.
Training opportunities include online training, self study and classroom training. Classroom training includes standard training course such as ACR, ASCS.
Self study requires ASCS certification study material. Online training courses should cover ASCS, ACR training webinar and maintenance technician course.
Learn operation and duct cleaning procedures including commercial air duct cleaning. Some Online courses cover equipment handling, safety precautions and inspection procedures.
You need an ASCS certification and trade license. Register the business as a limited liability company and get insurance cover.
Obtain a tax identification number for your business. Rent an office and hire qualified and experienced staff.
Duct Cleaning Equipment
The following tools are deployed to clean air ducts by professionals. They use access tools to create entry points and inspect duct.
Visual inspection tools are used to determine build up of debris. Common inspection tools are cameras, mirrors, hand held devices and periscopes.
Other tools are hand cleaning tools, HEPA filter and vacuum collection devices. There are two major types of commercial vacuum collection equipment used by professionals.
You have the Rotary Brush System and Push Pull Vacuum System. Both methods are highly efficient in removing debris and dirt from the duct.
However their application and functionality are completely different. The systems features include producing negative air pressure or integrated coil cleaning. Make sure the equipment can handle sharp turns in smaller diameter ducts.
Rotary Brush System
The rotary brush system used by duct cleaners has some limitations. The vacuum hose is usually 3 inches in diameter and prone to getting stuck.
The brush is unable to pass through dampers and size of nozzle limited. The system has a vacuum Airflow from 150-300cfm and prone to blockage by large debris.
Push Pull Vacuum System
The Push, Pull Vacuum System has an astonishing airflow of 2000cfm. The vacuum has the ability to dislodge construction debris, large objects and decomposing rodents. The small air hose easily passes through dampers and sweep/brush less than 1 diameter.
Duct Cleaning Equipment
Wet vacuums
Push/Pull Vacuum System
Rotary Brush System
Hand Cleaning Tools
Hand Held Mirrors
Access Tools
Air Duct Cleaning Services
The company’s primary service is cleaning of air ducts. However you can include value added services to increase profitability.
Offer heating, cooling, installation of solar screens, chimney sweep, replacement of filters and indoor air quality services.
Air Duct Cleaning Cost
Air duct cleaning cost depends on the magnitude of work. The costs are estimated on number of ducts, configuration and size of house. An average cost is $25-$35 per vent therefore cumulative costs for 10 ducts are $250-$350.
You need to develop a good marketing strategy to attract patronage. Advertise in newspapers, radio, and television. Use direct mail, telemarketing, website and print media.


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